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    [SOLVED] Should I mount PSU with fan placing Up or Down

    Hello guys, I am upgrading my PSU to RM 750 from VS 450 Earlier I have placed PSU with fan placing up and it has got some dust build up which is difficult to clean. Which way you people suggest “PSU: Fan placing up” or “PSU: Fan placing down” Case : Corsair Spec 01
  2. G

    Question Hx750 fpr rtx2070 super

    How good is hx750 for rtx 2070 super? Is there are better alternative? Like that new rm750 2019,or should i go with hx750? The only reason i didn't go for rm750 because it is out of stock here since 2 months. Snd hx750 is platinum version and rm750 is gold,so i decided to go with hx750 even...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Accidentally plugged pcie 6+2 cable into 4+4 Pin on PSU Side (Fully-Modular PSU)

    Hi All. Accidentally plugged pcie 6+2 cable into 4+4 Pin on PSU Side (Fully-Modular PSU). Both are similarly keyed so the pcie cable went in without problems. I have corrected it now and the pcie cable is connected where it should be. Should I be worried? Just for reference this is my PSU...
  4. A

    how to reset bios password on toshiba g 20

    i got old toshiba qosmio g20-141 note book .when its turn on it ask bios password so pl tell me how to reset it
  5. S

    Is hp 15-ab125ax is good for gaming ??

    I m confused between hp 15-ac123tx and hp 15-ab125ax which one is best for gaming??
  6. aspri

    overclock question: max clock boost

    hey everyone, i'm very new to the overclocking, needless to say that i'm very afraid of doing anything wrong. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. I have a gtx 770 PNY 2 GB base clock: 1045 boost clock: 1085 (not touching the mem for now) I tried many overclock with MSI afterburner, I...
  7. J

    No internet on PC when I add in my wireless router

    As long as I have a direct connect from my DSL modem to my PC I have internet. However, as soon as I add my D-Link router to the setup I lose Internet access on my PC. Yet, I will have internet on all our wireless devices in our house but not on our PC. I have went under my control panel...
  8. viveknayyar007

    Adjust Windows 8 Display Settings on Your Laptop

    In order to increase or decrease the brightness of your Windows 8 laptop screen, you can use the shortcut keys (a combination of multiple keypresses on the keyboard. For example the Fn key pressed along with the right or left arrow key simultaneously (in some laptops Fn + F6/F5) may increase or...