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  1. TheUnionPinter112114

    Question Why do I have extreme spikes on roblox?

    Every game I join on Roblox leads me to extreme ping issues. When i drive around some car game textures load so slow and i got spikes my ping ultimate increases by a minute. I am on WiFi. I have tried everything. And as I mentioned above, this is only on Roblox. Here's a list of solutions I have...
  2. evafox27

    Question high ping

    so recently ive moved houses and the wifi here is pretty bad (i think), when i join a game my ping is always around 500-10000. ive downloaded this app called wifi analyzer and i have aroun 80 dBm ( pls tell me if this is good), now my game starts crashing and everytime i join a new game i have...
  3. Deadii

    Question 4000+ Ping in every Roblox game I play. My PC runs every other game at great frames and no lag, but Roblox is the outlier.

    Every game I join on Roblox leads me to extreme ping issues. I am on WiFi. I have tried everything. And as I mentioned above, this is only on Roblox. Here's a list of solutions I have tried off of the top of my head. Clearing temp files, updating drivers, factory resetting Windows, making a new...
  4. MacSchwiggin

    Question Roblox is lagging very badly on a good pc.

    I've had this issue for 2 years already thinking it will go away by itself. but no. I've been trying everything but nothing really worked. I tried getting a fps-unlocker which even worked in certain games, But most big and good games wont work. I noticed it's a problem with the GPU usage...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] BSOD nvlddmkm.sys

    Im using a desktop pc and I have a Galax Gt 730 Exoc 1gb ddr5, I planned to change its thermal paste because im using it for years now. I used the i use for my processor. I also cleaned the fans, because it gets so much dust on it and successfully replacing thermal paste. After that i tried to...
  6. Halotons

    [SOLVED] Need Feedback on Specs

    I am getting a budget pc because I just need to run Roblox and do some basic stuff. I just want to know if my hardware would do before I get the pc because I am new to building. System: Case: NZXT H510 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H Processor: Ryzen 3 3200G Unlocked SSD: Kingston 120G...
  7. fegsdc

    Question Roblox game does not work

    Hello group. I recently reformatted a Macbook Pro Mac OS X Lion and i tried to download the game called Roblox for my daughter. I tried different browsers; Torch, Firefox, Internet explorer, google chrome and even Safari. None of them worked. I checked the version of the Macbook Pro and it...
  8. Martin Johns

    [SOLVED] ROBLOX random stuttering

    So recently i've been getting random lag spikes even though roblox fps counter doesnt say so the game randomly starts lagging and stops sometimes after a short time and sometime it lasts a while. I tried rebooting my router, tried reinstalling the game. Nothing helped. My pc is new and really...

    Question How to install Windows 10 from USB Drive?

    Today I got a Windows 10 keys from Microsoft and I don’t know how to install it to my new pc. When I click “Launch EFI Shell from USB drives” it says please disable secure boot. I need help thx.
  10. J

    Anyway to bypass the power limit of a pcie x16 slot?

    So I have a Dell Optiplex 775 DT Motherboard because It's cheap and supports the q6600 so I want to know if I could bypass the 25 Watt limit on the pcie x16 slot. I'm wondering if this will work because I need to run a GTX 660 Twin Frozr OC Edition. I'm wondering if this will work because it...
  11. soldier5637

    Witcher 3 Crashing Every Damn Time

    Hey guys, its all in the title. I have Witcher 3 on GOG (Got it free with my 970) and havent touched it in months after losing all progress. I have been trying to restart it and I get less than 5 mins in before it crashes and I have to force shut down my PC. Running a 970, FX-6300, 16 Gb of RAM...