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  1. J

    Question Does anyone had "GTA 5 exited unexpectedly" error while trying to open GTA 5?

    I have purchased GTA 5 yesterday on steam. After installation was facing "Error: GTA 5 exited unexpectedly" and was proposing options for safeboot with lower graphics option which too didn't yield any positive result. Please assist me in resolving these errors. I would be happy to provide you...
  2. Koushik Das Sunny

    [SOLVED] Can I Play GTA V Normally Online Mode (Non-Cheating) After Permanent Mods Trainer Installation ?? I dont want to Uninstall Mods

    Can I Play Normally Offline Mode And Online Mode After This Permanent Trainer Installation ?? I'm want to use Cheats only on Story mode single player.... Bcz I dont want to uninstall Trainers..... I want to play GTA V without any Issues for Permanent Trainer............... Please Help Meeeee
  3. N

    is this cpu is good for latest gamming ???

    i m going to buy a new pc . i have 35000 rupees .... my choice are::: intel core i3 3.30 GHZ dual core processor..with (intle hd graphics 3000) 500 GB sata hard disk seagate PSU::400W iball RAM::4 + 2= 6gb ram (EVM ) Graphic card:: msi geforce GTX 750 TI can i play latest game with this...