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  1. 4MIK

    Question is this normal?

    im using an asus g531gt i7-9750h 16gb single channel ram gtx 1650 (8 months old) while gaming my cpu temps fluctuates between 94 degrees and 97 degrees and my gpu goes up to 93 degrees which i feel is insanely hot can anyone tell me if this is normal?
  2. BScheid

    Question I have a 3 pin connection for my cooling system but my motherboard only has 4 pin connection points? I have a Rog Strix z490-E.

    Connecting issue with my cooling system and my mother board it has a 3 pin connector and I have read on others post that there is a 4 pin connector next to the LED status header that accepts 3 pin connections but there is no such connection listed in any of the manuals. It might mean the one...