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  1. M

    Question How to overclock ASUS ROG STRIX 1050 Ti

    Hi everyone. I want to overclock this graphics card but how can do it I don't know. I am afraid of give any damage. Sorry for bad English. Also you can help me that how it is asking on English. Here is the image
  2. Robert_282

    Rog Strix G17 Issues

    Hi, So I bought a new laptop called ASUS ROG Strix G17 G712LU-H7021 and I'm having issues with installing my Windows. The issue is that, in boot priority, the SSD doesn't show up, and when im trying to install the windows, after the boot of the stick and clicking the install button and so on...
  3. B

    Question My PC crashes whenever I'm watching a video

    I just recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU and ever since, I have been having this strange issue where I am watching a video online (youtube, facebook, disney plus, etc.) and after a while it just freezes and I have to force shut down my PC. I've done all windows updates, GPU updates, I...
  4. D

    Question BSODs and artifacts? problems

    Hi to all, About two weeks ago I assembled my PC kit (I was assembling myself). Specification: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT GPU: Radeon 5600XT Rog Strix ver. T6G MTB: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX RAM: 2x 8GB Gskill TridentZ RGB 3200 CL16 SSD: AData M2 NVMe XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB PSU: SilentiumPC Supremo M2...
  5. MrSix18

    Question Aorus Z390 went to heaven --- Having BIGG Issues with this ROG Strix replacement ?

    alright so as i said, aorus z390 board went to heaven.. since motherboards are insanely difficult to find right now around my area, i had zero choice but to buy a ROG Strix Z390 Gaming-F. it was the only board that fit the specs i currently had with the aorus board that failed, 2 m.2 slots...
  6. Question Water Pump and Fans getting stuck at RPMS, or incorrect readings

    Hey all, been having some issues lately with my build. It's been up and running for 2 years now 2950x, GTX 1080ti, Asus Rog Strix X399-E Gaming, full water loop. EK D5 combo pump Anyhow, when using HWInfo I am getting crazy readings on my pump and radiator fans. BIOS has pump set to DC so it...
  7. InTakeYT1

    Question Will The B550 MOBO NEED A BIOS UPDATE FOR ZEN 3

    Ok So I was planning on buying a Ryzen 5600x and a Asus Rog Strix B550-F when the chip was released but I was wondering if the b550 will need a bios flash and if so how will I as I don't have an older ryzen chip to get into bios (Do you need a supported CPU to get into bios???) and I was reading...
  8. xerxesaria

    Question CPU_OPT Fan Connector - intake or exhaust?

    Hi. I have a motherboard: - Asus Rog Strix Z490-e Gaming. My case is: - be quiet 500DX The case has already 3 fans. I have purchased 2 more case fans. This motherboard has only 2 fan connections. So, for now my set up is: 2 exhaust fans via a y-splitter 2 intake fans via a y-splitter As...
  9. xerxesaria

    Question Fan noise on RTX 2070

    Hi. I have just installed ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING in my new build. After about half an hour, I noticed a faint noise from the third fan located closest to the power inlet of the gpu. The noise is as if the fan is rubbing very lightly against something. A sort of a mild whooshing...
  10. wkkgeri

    Question Will a rtx rog 3080 strix card fit with the NH-d15 noctua cooler with these specs?

    Hello, My setup is an i7 6700k CPU , motherboard asus z170 pro gaming , nhd15 cpu cooler , 32 gb ram corsair vengeance , nzxt phantom 410 case and the psu would be corsair hxi1000 . My question is will a rtx rog 3080 strix card fit with the NH-d15 noctua cooler with these specs , so could it...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Building a new PC

    Hey, i was looking at building a new pc and just wondering if these parts are good together or is their another option cheaper/better?
  12. lucas adrian rocher

    [SOLVED] What do you think about my new PC and which power supplie I need?

    HI EVERYONE:D! My main doubt would be the power supplies, I don't know how to calculate properly, please help me. This is my new PC configuration, I want it to play, work design and, almost every use as a main computer. I wanted to buy a motherbooard that let me improve eventually the...
  13. O

    Question Compatible GPU for this system

    Hello everyone, quick recap: I got an EVGA Rtx 2060 super XC that for the life of me couldn’t get to work in my system unless it's with generic windows display adapter drivers: ROG STRIX x570-E Gaming Ryzen 3800x 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Corsair RM850x PSU Gold 80Plus WD Blue m.2 500gb...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Which laptop should I buy? Asus vs Acer

    Hello. I want to buy a laptop for college (studying something similar to IT/software engineering), some video editing and some gaming. Two options I found, with an i7-9750H, 1660Ti and 16GB Ram are: Asus Rog Strix G GL531GU-WB74 (120Hz, 512GB SSD) (Newegg) Acer Predator Helios 300 2019 version...
  15. R

    Question rog strix b350-f gaming motherboard compatible cpu fan recommendation

    I have a ryzen 1700x and that didn't come with a fan so i bought one and it blocks my RAM slots on my pc. i barely got my 16GBs in to the farthest slots. i don't need the absolute best but i need a recommendation for a fan. preferably with a link to the fan? please?
  16. G

    [SOLVED] Asus Rog Strix x570-F price range

    Okay so, I can buy Asus rog strix x470-F for 194 euros, I'm wondering how higher will the price of the x570 variant be, should I expect a price higher than 250? I know the prices will release at some point but , what do you guys think.