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  1. Enjoyriotman

    Question Ssd infinity rollback (cant wipe ssd)

    I've bought a new Ssd intenso 120gb....Installed windows 10 64x and 5 days afters a blue screen appears....somehow after this bsod any change i made on this drive like install or uninstall programs won't have any effect.Every time my pc opens its just before the bsod...i tried everything...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] bios ASUS

    hi, I'm using fx505gt 9300h+1650 bios 303 but system update itself to 309 and i want undervolt to work... so i have to go back to 305 problem is i cant find it on ASus website and i nerd a safe website to download from... are there any?
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Rolling back firmware on DLink Router, forces upgrade

    I have a dlink DIR-2055, I've recently been having issues with it after upgrading to 1.03, so I decided to roll it back to 1.02. I successfully installed 1.02 but upon logging back in to the admin console, there's a popup that I can't exit out of saying there's new firmware and I must upgrade...
  4. B

    Discussion Windows 10: Installation of all applications and programs takes forever

    I'm posting a solution to a problem. Since I couldn't find its related question, I want to share my knowledge. I installed Windows 10-64 bit fresh. And started installing drivers and some basic programs after installing Rollback and Avast. Every thing was fine here around. Suddenly after...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Windows update 1903 rollback

    Hi there, recently my partners pc went through an update to Windows 10 ver. 1903. After the update happened we had some problems, but the worst and most pressing one currently is that for some reason the microphone audio quality has essentially jumped off a cliff. We have checked the default...
  6. G

    Trying to choose CPU for upgrade

    I'm looking to upgrade my current CPU (i7-6700k) and can't decide on which one to get. I am a gamer who is starting to get into live streaming and youtube video creation. So while my 6700k is fine for playing games, it really doesn't do extremely well playing, 1080p/60 twitch streaming, and...