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  1. miahallen

    64 bit & performance

    So, with Windows 64 coming soon, what are we expecting as far as performance goes. From what I've read, the only benefit's we'll see are with apps that are 64 bit (duh!). But, in what form will those benefits be? Are we talking about general all-round performance...or are specific types of...
  2. G

    Question on COPY problem with HP Office Jet All in one - O..

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?) My girlfriend has such an HP OfficeJet 6110 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier, etc.. It has a problem copying documents. It seems to cut off the edges of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper when it copies. Cuts off about 1 inch all the way...
  3. E

    Windows XP Mouse "Snap To" problem

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.customize (More info?) I am having trouble with turning off the mouse "Snap To" feature: the cursor still snaps as though it were on. I have restarted my computer and turned this setting on and off several times and it still does not work. I...
  4. G

    Windows XP & Sound Blaster Live! Value

    I just installed XP, everything works great, except my sound is crackily. Say I am playing an mp3 and then open some program, the sound becomes normal and clear when this happens but once the computer has stopped thinking and the usage goes back to 0% or whatever, the sound gets crackily again...
  5. andrewcarr

    $15 windows 8 tempting

    Currently my laptop is running on windows 7 and the $15 upgrade to windows 8 seems like a good deal. I do game a bit on the laptop as it's a Y570. I was wondering if it's worth buying and installing it right away, buying it (while it's cheaper) and upgrading in a few months once they have some...
  6. G

    Win 8 Msoft Download - Full or Upgrade?

    Hello, I read a thread on where you can download Win8 for $40. Someone there said they called Msoft and said they have Linux and if they bought the download, could they install it on a clean machine. The agent told him YES. He said he called again and asked the same question and...
  7. A

    How does a web camera captures images

    hi i just want to know how does a web cam captures what is the algorithm for it??
  8. O

    NEC LCD1765 Power Problems

    So I go to turn on my monitor today (NEC LCD1765NX) and when I tough the power button, I get shocked... So I push the power button, nothing happens.... the thing is dead...... The ac adapter led is showing it has power, but the monitor power led isn't doing anything, and neither is pushing...
  9. G

    Adapters For Canon Printers

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Adapters For Canon Printers From the Canon Printer Website [ product/bubble_jet/accessories.htm] ( product/bubble_jet/accessories.htm) : ------------- AD-300 HVAC...
  10. P

    Canon bjc 620 all four green LED flashing

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Hi I have changed all the ink cartridges, and I did the calibartion. Now when I turn on the printer I get the an error. The error light is on and the four green LED are flashing. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem...
  11. K

    What causes more eye strain/dmg: LCD or CRT?

    What type of monitor causes more harm to your eyes? Which one exerts more radiation? While I imagine both have detrimental effects to one's eyes, which of the two is more dramatic?
  12. N

    keyboard problem

    alright, when i start my computer my keyboard will work in bios but when the windows screen appears it freezes, cant even hit the "lock" keys, its just in a frozen state. i had a cordless usb keyboard but it broke so i switched it to a ps/2 keyboard...and i have tried two ps/2 keyboards, no...
  13. O


    First I want to say hi to everyone and thanks in advanced to all who read this and offer help and suggestions. I have been literally scouring the internet looking for the "right" fps monitor. This monitor will be connected to a World of Warcraft machine that has a single Evga 570 installed...
  14. G


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?) I have a school file that I must print but am unable to do so. At the time of my page there is no line stating: file, edit, view, etc. Therefore I cannot go into File for printing. What keys on my keyboard also initiates...
  15. T

    Figure Prices Today vs 1980

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I recently came across some old gaming magazines. In an April 1980 issue of Different Worlds, there was a review of Heritage's 25mm line of "Dungeon Dwellers". A couple of interesting points: 1. Most of the figures were 28-30mm...