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    [SOLVED] What components could I switch out?

    I have some problems with fps in games such as apex, gta 5, pubg etc. Sometimes it's normal and it doesn't lag, but sometimes it's like gaming with a potato. I think it's cpu or ram problem, but I'm not so good at computers. So what could I change in my pc to make fps better? Pc specs: Cpu...
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    Razer Kraken Pro V2 echoing all desktop audio.

    I just got a Razer Kraken Pro V2 headset for Christmas and I've been using the mic on it in Discord and in-game and my friends say they can hear my music, game audio, and their voices through my mic. I've searched all over for a solution other than just getting a separate mic- i've tried to do...
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    Which is the easiest Air CPU cooler to install, that still provides good performance?

    Title says it all. I've been using a hyper 212 evo for years. With the new 8600K, I was thinking it's time to get a new one, but I always hated how hard it was to install the 212. Are there any good performing coolers that are easier to install?
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    GTX 770 - Reducing power consumption

    Hi, thanks for reading! I actually have one Geforce 1060, two Geforce 960 and some other graphics cards. I want to buy, right now, a GTX 770, not exactly for the card performance, but it's for my collection. I need to know, before, if I can downclock the card using MSI Afterburner, cause I...
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    Radeon Rx 560 Dual Monitors?!

    Can a Gigabyte Radeon Rx 560 support dual monitors? If it could, then what ports should I use for my 144hz monitor and for my 60hz monitor?
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    ASRock AB350 Pro Ram Slots

    So I have the motherboard in the title, and as you may’ve noticed if you were to google it only one side has those slots that you pull back. So I pull it back, and he ram still won’t fit. It all lines up, DDR4, 2400 MHz, 288 pin. What’s the problem?
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    asking for advise for buying new pc

    i'm going to buy a new gaming pc very soon i found one but i need experts to tell me if the motherboard it's good or not like compatibility with cpu and stuff i don't care if the cpu is overclockeable i care only about performance and that all components are fully functional with each other...
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    Corsair PSU questions

    I posted this on Corsair's forum as well but figured I'd relay it to here because I usually have better luck with you guys. 2 questions but first some backstory: I bought a refurbished AX860i a year ago and after about a month I started having this annoying restart issue that I see a lot of...
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    GTX 750 TI, total black screen / power issue? (trying to find the problem)

    hey guys, i'm totally new to building and never even intended to get this far, but i guess i should have done more research prior to buying a 750 TI. so i have an HP pavillion p6-2041mem (it's only available in the middle east, i bought it in 2012 when i was living there). the specs for it can...
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    mouse stucks when closing the lid

    in aspire es 15 model boot windows 7. after that i close the lid mouse stucks and other workings have no stop why this happened?
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    msi gaming 5

    Planning on getting the MSI gaming 5 mother board just because it has good enough features for me and its pretty good for the price. It can also overclock my i5 4690k and has some audio boost feature which can make the audio better. Problem is that I've been reading reviews mostly complaining...
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    Right-click menu stucked on the loading icon.

    Windows 10... jackpot of the bugs, what can i say. Today i encountered a very weird thing. This happenes only in file explorer. If i press right click, no matter if on a specific file/folder or just on the blank space, it will stuck on the round circle load. And it will never show up the menu...
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    PC rebooting randomly while gaming

    my custom made pc keeps randomly rebooting with a loud buzzing sound in the speakers while playing games. This has been happening since i installed witcher 3 today. on high settings it would happen all the time (overheating?) so i lowered it to low and all that happens is it freezes sometimes. I...
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    Know admin password but would like to remove.

    I have a laptop with an initial administrator password that pops up before the laptop will even start. I know the password and can type it every time, but would rather just remove it.
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    PC wont recognise new GPU

    Ive just bought a XFX Raedon 7870 double black edition gpu, my motherboard is H6M1-DS2 DVI, mycomputer wont recognise it, y old GTX 560 worked fine, I was shown this one working? nyone any ideas in my BIOS all it says under graphics is PEG and IFSX or something like that... help
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    cpu intel gateway

    Is an Intel Pentium d 945 lga 775 model:HH80553PG0964MN Processor Count: 2 compatible with my gateway Dx4822 01 MOBO?also how do I reset my bios once I've installed New cpu
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    gaming PC build

    PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant: Benchmarks: CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor (£125.99 @ Aria PC) Motherboard: ASRock H81 Pro...
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    Will my PC specs bottleneck/work well?

    I am planning to build a gaming PC but I am worried about how will it work. I planned to buy this given specs and I considered it to my budget. CPU: Intel Core i5 3330 Quad 3.0ghz GPU: Radeon HD7770 Asus Ghz Edition MOBO: ASUS P8Z77-V LK Intel Z77 RAM: Kingston HYPER-X 4GB DDR3 1600 HDD...
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    Which Power Supply to Get...

    Hey there guys, Black Friday is around the corner and I'm considering the option of upgrading my GPU and hard drive. Anyways, my current PSU is 460W and it's running only my i7 core (currently my PC has no GPU, hence the consideration of purchasing one). The GPU I plan on purchasing is the...
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    So many components... How does one begin to choose?

    Hey folks... I've been building my own computers every ~3 years for ~20 years, but it's getting so that the sheer number of components and technologies are totally overwhelming me. I'm a gamer, and I record & make videos. I've got a budget of ~$2,000. I'm looking through NewEgg and just at a...