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  1. Question Netgear Nighthawk (LAX20) says it works on all major network providers but would it work on this one?

    I'm looking at the Netgear Nighthawk LAX20 as I need an LTE backup, the Nighthawk says it works on all major providers and is sold in UK/EU. But unless I'm being dumb, it doesn't look like it will work on this Vodafone (A1) network. Am I correct or being a derp? (Nighthawk Specs) Or any...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] UPS for Dish Internet and Router

    Hello currently I'm having an issue figuring out a valid UPS system for my network. I live in South Africa where currently we are experiencing load shedding. Our country can't keep up with demand so we have 2 hour periods everyday where there is no power. So im im need of a solution to power...
  3. Question A newly bought WIFI router doesn't recognize WAN connection

    I bought a new router MERCUSYS MW301R. I have a fiber internet connection that works just fine when plugged straight into PC and it also worked fine with my previous WIFI router. The new router I bought doesn't seem to recognize the connection. When I connect the internet cable to the WAN port...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] HUAWEI B593s-22 Ping Spikes every second

    Hello, i have this problem for about 11 months. My ping is like going crazy for somewhat reason. This never happened before but now it did. This problem is about my Wi-Fi (or my internet) having problems with ping. So, every time im going to open up an online game (like Minecraft and LOL), my...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] How can I get wi-fi in a trailer with no fixed internet?

    Hey guys, At the moment I need to get wi-fi in a trailer set up. I've got no fixed internet access, so I'm using an indoor 4G wireless router inside the trailer. Unfortunately the signal isn't great. I am willing to place antenna's on the roof but, I am curious how that would even work...
  6. Kmylo777

    Question How bad 5.0GHz is penetrating drywall?

    Hello guys. I need to buy some sort of antenna to recieve signal in a building that is 30mts or less away from the router. I want to buy the CPE610 from TP-LINK which is 23dbi, but the problem is a very thin transparent plastic roof and a thin drywall sheet, nothing else. My phone actually does...
  7. N

    Question what can I do if my 3G/4G router don't have a TS9 external antenna interface?

    I have bought a 3G router named ZTE MF65M recently. It doesn't have any ts9 external antenna interface and 3G/4G network coverage in my location is not good enough. I have seen some Huawei routers with the external ts9 interface but the routers available in my country doesn't have that ports. I...
  8. H

    How's My Build ($1200)

    How's my build for playing games such as BF4/CS:GO/DayZ Standalone??