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  1. Kevin0x1

    [SOLVED] can i use another router (as a repeater) with the same PPoE user?

    Hi all, i'm well awared that some isp don't allow a second router with the same PPoE user profile. So, is it possible to use another router (connecting with LAN to LAN) in static ip as a repeater with the same PPoE user? and will there be any MAC issue that needs to be fixed?
  2. Autumnhoblitzell

    Question Modem and router

    My we have a modem and router. We have an Xfinity modem and a tp link router, typically have no issues. But for the last two days we haven’t been able to use our internet. Xfinity says there is no issues with our Medea and it must be our router. The customer service line for TP Link is not up...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Router wifi is much worse than modem wifi?

    I have a modem with built in wifi, it has no external antenna and the range is terrible, so i thought i’d get a dedicated wireless router. I connected it to the modem, but t he thing is; im getting less mbps on the router wifi than the modem wifi.
  4. Nortav

    [SOLVED] Weird "Onebox" modem/router is not connecting to its ISP

    Parents have a strange all in one Portuguese TV-wifi combo and it's refusing to connect to the internet. Logging into the router offers no real clues and I am at a loss what to do. Interestingly, there is a emulated router login website which looks exactly the same as mine...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Confused on Setting up the proper VPN Network for my home

    So I have a desktop, a few wireless devices (typically 3), Roku and Firestick connected to a non-smart TV. I want to have them running under a VPN network via NordVPN. How to go about this is where my confusion lies. Setting up NordVPN on my phone or the desktop appears simple via the apps...