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    Question How do I control the built-in fan on the back of my Acer Predator X27 monitor?

    I own a $2000 4k 144hz Acer Predator X27 monitor and the built-in fan on the back of the monitor sometimes gets loud (even when I shut down the computer). How do I control the fan speed (max speed) on the back of the monitor? Or even turn it off?
  2. P

    [SOLVED] How can I increase my Wraith Stealth Cooler's rpm?

    Hello everyone. I have a ryzen 5 2600 with the stock fan and for some reason when idle my fan's rpm is low (880 rpm) and the cpu temp is 51-53 degrees. However while gaming it never surpassed 68 degress(haven't checked the rpm while gaming). So how can I increase the fan's rpm? Or do I not need...
  3. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] MSI GTX 1080 Fan RPM Low Despite 100%

    So, the GPU I have is the msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8g and I've always wondered why despite running at 100% my temperatures have always been slightly high (around upper 70s lower 80s when playing really intensive games. I checked the MSI Afterburner RPM and its around 2400RPM at 100% despite people...
  4. Minky7

    [SOLVED] NZXT X61 Fan RPM Not Controlled By CAM?

    I'm having an issue with my NZXT X61, I've had some issues previously, but none related to this. This time (after a case swap, everything is plugged in correctly), no matter what I set the fan speed percentage to in the CAM software the fans continue to run at 1200-1350 RPM. It's rather annoying...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Different RPM chassis fan question.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this question. New to PC . I am building a PC that will be all air flow no liquid cooling. I will have a total of 6 chassis fans on my PC. Problem is the mother board has only 2 connections for chassis fans. So I am getting one of these Silver Stone PWM fan...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] HOW CAN I REDUCE MY FAN SPEED!??!! please helpppp

    Hello guys. i have a sony vaio laptop model sve14a2m1ew and my fan is doing a terrible noise. my cpu fan speed is 5921 rpm cpu is at 49c i have tried to rduce it with speed fan but it didnt work, i tried via bios however there wasnt the fan control option neither the power option any help and...
  7. T

    Ryzen RAM stability issues because CPU Freq drop!? (CNQ OFF)

    Hello beautiful people! I think I have found why my RAM memory is not stable at higher speed. It crashes even at the frequency of 2800MHz. When CPU is overclocked/CNQ off, during memory stress testing like Aida64 or MemTest, CPU Frequency drops at about 1.0GHz after minute or two and that is...
  8. M

    ryzen 1700x work on 4 core

    I have instal amd ryzen master and iuse it. But after my 1700 x worked in 4 cores i uninstall ryrten master nothing I clear cmos and i am working on 4 cores.I have one asus rog strix b350-f gaming and 16 go vengeance lxp 3000 i don't inderstand i note that in o lot of game i have more fps but...
  9. Bscull12

    Ovulus Rift Extension Cables?

    So I am thinking about buying an Oculus Rift but I would need the cables extended about 15 feet. Is this possible to do with a GTX 1080 and some extension cables? I would think it would have enough power to push the extra length but I don’t know. If you have any recommendations please post...
  10. G

    What To Do if Your Router Needs Constant Reboots

    Why your router needs rebooting and how to prevent it – or at least reduce the hassle. What To Do if Your Router Needs Constant Reboots : Read more
  11. M

    Which processor is better? K series or Xseries

    i'm confused between intel i7 7700k and i7 7740x processor. both are almost same. can any one tell me which processor should i go with? and why?
  12. S

    Choosing an Ultrabook that can game

    1. What is your budget? $1500 CAD roughly. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-14" no bigger 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080p+ anything higher 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable, I currently have a 17.3" laptop which...
  13. yamahahornist

    Need help real quick with tough decision! :D

    So my current system is an i5 6600k and a Fury X (I use a 144hz 1440p freesync monitor btw), and I have roughly $500 extra to spend on whatever I want. So I was deciding between a Vega 64 (if i can even get one for msrp.. dang miners haha) or a x370 mobo and a 1700x. So I know the new gpu...
  14. G

    CPU Bottleneck help

    So I have a amd 7890k and a gtx 1060 6gb and it is really bottlenecking my gpu and I really need a bit of help to try and lessen or stop this. Thank you.
  15. Alexander_7

    Safe r7 1700 overclock

    New rig, new frontiers, giving a try to this whole overclock thing. Rig is. R7 1700 Msi X370 gaming plus Seasonic S12II 620w Zotac GTX 1060 I know that GPU might bottleneck the r7 if it throws too much at it. But to the overclocking. My first set up is 3.7ghz and 1.375v im using the wraith...
  16. B

    Monitor turns off, no signal in the middle of game.

    I've been experiencing this problem lately. My computer is only a year old. But, right in the middle of any game my screen turns black, monitor displays "No Signal" and I cannot solve it without restarting my computer. I usually hear a windows dialogue box open right when this happens but I'm...
  17. K

    Mass Effect Andromeda. Will my system run it?

    HI, PC: I74770K 8gb ram GTX 770 2gb x64
  18. B

    Computer crashed, nothing on monitor now.

    I was in my middle of playing Dark Souls 3 and it suddenly crashed, several seconds later my whole screen was covered in pink, green and yellow circles. I was unable to recover so I turned off my computer. Now whenever I turn it back on nothing comes up on the screen. The computer will start...
  19. A

    Hi! I plan to upgrade my laptop's CPU. But I'm not sure if it is solderedd on the motherboard or not.

    This is my laptop for school. The processor is a bit too weak for me so I wanted to upgrade it, By getting a laptop CPU from ebay. So for motherboard/CPU pros out there can you guys tell me if this cpu is soldered on or not? So I can change it to something better? :) I checked CPU-Z and this...
  20. R

    Building a Computer for Gaming/Editing for under $1100 Canadian

    Hello, I am planning to buy components to make a gaming/editing PC under $1100 Canadian. The gaming that I will be doing will be light (cs:go, league of legends, maybe arma) and I plan to edit many videos.