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  1. A

    Question Question of GPU Clearance

    Hi, so I own a Corsair 5000D Midi-Tower, my CPU is being cooled by Noctua NH-D15 and I have a 2060 Super installed. I am considering upgrading, either to a 3090 or 4090 once it comes out, but since their dimensions are similar I started looking around to see As this image will show View...
  2. R3kki

    [SOLVED] Low FPS on RTX 2060 Super

    Hello I am getting low FPS on some games like Battlefield V or Warzone with my graphics card. I have gtx 1050 ti before, and in some games, performance is not higher. In Valorant I am getting only 40% of CPU and GPU usage. In Warzone on Battlefield I am getting pretty high CPU usage, but low...
  3. R3kki

    [SOLVED] Low FPS and Low GPU Usage

    Hello I am playing Call of duty Warzone and I have an issue. I've got like only around 60 FPS in Low settings, and my GPU usage is low also, but I want to make it higher, or I should have more FPS than 60 low settings. I notice weird thing, when i turn graphics up and turn raytracing also, I've...
  4. ooli

    [SOLVED] New PC making random static sounds that last a split second, bluescreened twice while gaming, all help welcome

    As the title says, I recently got a new PC for gaming (specs will be written at bottom of post), it was running fine for about a week until I began to notice these random static sounds that would occur when playing any kind of audio, I decided to ignore it since it wasn't really affecting any of...
  5. Kidneybot

    [SOLVED] GPU usage spikes to 100% and crashes PC when idle

    Hi all, I'm dealing with an issue that is minor, but persistent and annoying. When I leave my PC alone for a few minutes, the whole computer locks up and becomes unusable. When this happens, I can however pull up Task Manager quickly and see GPU usage is at 100%. But I can't do anything and the...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] How Can I Turn Off Voltage Regulation in Gigabyte BIOS Settings ?

    My rig :- AMD Ryzen 3 3300X Nvidia RTX 2060 Super Adata Gammix D30 16GB (8x2) DDR4 RAM Gigabyte A520M DS3H Motherboard Corsair VS450(Black & White) 80+ PSU I want to turn off the voltage regulation/voltage protection or surge protection in my Gigabyte BIOS settings because I'm facing total...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] My GPU makes some weird buzzing sound. It only occurs when a game is running. When i alt tab / the game loads it goes.

    I only noticed it the other day after I cleaned my pc with a can of compressed air. I can't really record it because my mic is too bad. Its a continuos low pitched buzzing sound which stops when i alt tab out of the game, or if it hits a loading screen. Sometimes goes high pitched straight...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Cyberpunk FPS drop on Ryzen 3 3300X &RTX 2060 Super (Cyberpunk performance issues)

    Hey guys, long story short, her's my rig :- Ryzen 3 3300X INNO3D RTX 2060 Super (2 Fan Base edition) Adata Gammix D30 (8x2) 16GB DDR4 RAM Corsair VS 450W 80+ White PSU Ant Esports ICE 300TG Crucial BX 480GB SSD + 500GB +160GB(OLD) HDD So, I've experienced unstable performance and stutters while...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Which gaming monitor to buy??

    Hi everyone. I will be buying a gaming monitor veey soon and want some advice. My pc has an rtx 2060 super and I7 9700K and 32gb ddr4. I want to play on 4k, basically I want to know which monitor you all think is best, I want 32inch minimum and would like 120hz or above and gsync. Also do you...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Asus Dual RTX 2060 Super EVO OC 8gb V2 or Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X no rgb

    So I found both of these gpu’s at good prices (here in spain) second hand. 320€ for the 2020S and 350€ for the 2070S, which one should i go for?? Asus rtx 2020s has a little rgb strip and gigabyte rtx 2070s is the non rgb one.
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Finally upgrading my 2017 build.

    Hello everyone. I posted here years ago when I was doing research for my first gaming PC build. I'm finally upgrading that build, likely with a RTX 2060 Super, and so I need advice on what parts I may need to upgrade alongside my graphics card. I've currently been running a GTX 1060. Here is...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] Finally upgrading my 2017 build.

    Hello everyone. I posted here years ago when I was doing research for my first gaming PC build. I'm finally upgrading that build, likely with a RTX 2060 Super, and so I need advice on what parts I may need to upgrade alongside my graphics card. I've currently been running a GTX 1060. Here is...
  13. StarLost1701

    [SOLVED] Custom Build opinions please.

    I haven't built a PC from scratch in over 20 years- I have been patchworking since what seems like forever. (Dual core athalon 64bit Win7 Enterprise 4gb ram) I'm saving to make a new gaming build and I am stuck on the power supply (specifically if it has enough/the correct connectors). I should...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Is the temperature 86 normal for the Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Windforce?

    I want to buy this video card but in reviews often write that it heats up to 80+ degrees is normal?
  15. M

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Super on 500W PSU

    I'm planning to upgrade to a MSI RTX 2060 Super from Galax GTX 1060 6gb EXOC. I would like to ask if my EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze PSU will suffice even at 100% load? Build right now: Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.0ghz 1.35v GTX 1060 6gb EXOC @ stock 16gb RAM @ 2933 mhz Generic Fans 1 SSD 1 HDD
  16. RandomGamer1235

    Question PC TEMPS, cpu dropped 11 degrees with side panel off.

    So while playing games my gpu hits 86c(gpu is usally at 83c) tops and my cpu hits 70c (usually sits around 60-65), i took the side panel off and the gpu dropped about 2 degrees but the cpu dropped like 11 degrees! what now? should i replace my case fans? get a new cooler? I have the wraith...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Micro Stuttering In PC Games - HELP NEEDED

    So just after having a quick scan on the forums I can see that micro stuttering seems to be a fairly common issue but I have tried every 'solution' on every forum I could find and I'm still having the same issue. Basically any game I run will run well over a solid 60fps if left uncapped but if...
  18. Polaro

    [SOLVED] Not POST after switching graphics cards

    So I bought a ASUS GeForce rtx 2060 super to replace msi rx 480 gaming x 8gb card. I unplugged the card, unscrewed it then took it off the clip on the motherboard (MSI B350 Gaming Pro). Then I plugged in the RTX 2060 Super, the pc turned on but my peripherals and displays will not respond to the...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Super underperforming

    So about a month ago I built a pc for gaming with these specs: Ryzen 5 2600 DDR4 3000mhz ram Asus rog strix rtx 2060 super b450 aorus m wd green 240gb ssd 2 tb seagate barracuda Everything was fine for a long time until about a month later. My pc starts underperforming without any reason...
  20. NuclearUnity

    [SOLVED] Which is the better GPU in relation to temps and price?

    Hi! I am considering between these two GPUs: Msi RTX 2060 Super Gaming X Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Windforce OC They are quite similar but the Msi one is slightly more expensive. The reason as to why I am unsure is because I saw on some reviews, forum threads and also YouTube videos saying that...
  21. S

    [SOLVED] 5700 XT or 2060 Super

    So I'm super conflicted between the 2 GPUs. On one hand the benchmarks are showing that the 5700 XT is competing with the 2070 Super but has a lot of driver problems "apparently". On the other RTX could improve in the future and could be a way of future proofing. Plus DLSS 2.0 looks promising...
  22. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Should you ever buy nvidia founder edition cards ?

    I was wondering whether to purchase the rtx 2060 super fe or get an aftermarket rtx 2060 super Now I like the look of the founders edition a lot more and that's why it's kind of hard to decide
  23. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Super now or wait for RTX 3060So

    So last year I got a GTX 1660 along with an i5-9400f for my first build, and I've acquired some spare change ($400) and I think I'm gonna upgrade my GPU (it's not performing as well as I expected). So, I was doing some research and found that the RTX 2060 Super perfectly fit my budget, pairs...
  24. A

    Question Getting a AMD motherboard and rtx 2060 Super, will these work together.

    I am new to building PCs and am doing research for some parts. Hopefully this is a really simple question but I am looking at a ryzen 7 2700x and a EVGA rtx 2060 super w/ a MSI MPG X570 motherboard. Will these work together or do I need a radeon GPU, or something along those lines? I feel stupid...
  25. D

    [SOLVED] Part list opinion wanted

    Hi everyone! My current pc got very slow so i am looking intro building a new pc, i just don't know that much about the current pc parts. So i would like to know what you guys think of the part list i made. What would you recommend to change? Part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BQyRHB...
  26. N

    [SOLVED] Modern Warfare 2019 Not running on pc

    Hello, I recently bought modern warfare for my PC. I had seen many YouTubers play it and my friends over on PlayStation and Xbox got it so I thought I should give it a try. I looked at the minimum specs and my PC met greater than the recommended specs so I thought I should be able to run it...
  27. K

    Question How to set fan curve based on GPU temperature?

    While playing games, my gpu (2060 super) reaches 80C. But when I manually set the case exhaust fans to higher rpms, the temps drop to 78C or even 76C sometimes. In most of these scenarios, my cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) is mostly at 65C and for fewer games it is 80C. So, I tried setting up fan curve...
  28. Splize

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Super FE | Random Fan Revving

    Help? I didn't modify anything at all. The displayed numbers are obviously incorrect and the fans seem to have the same speed. However, the fans are randomly revving from time to time to like the maximum speed possible. It happend only while in-game first, but it is getting more frequent. Edit...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] modern warfare not running well

    I got modern warfare recently for my pc and I have been having issues running it. I will be playing and I will have solid 60fps but then it just drops to 30. Out of nowhere. I have a rtx 2060 super and 16gb ddr4 ram. Also a i7 9700k (not overclocked). Im not sure what the issue is. My cpu is at...
  30. kevin_512

    [SOLVED] Battlefield V GPU 99% CPU 40%

    I can't for life of me figure out why I'm getting such low CPU usage in my games. And in BFV I'm getting around 60 frames whereas in other games like modern warfare I'm getting 125-200 i9 9900k not overclocked RTX 2060 Super not overclocked 16GB 3000MHz
  31. IceMyth

    [SOLVED] RX 5700 or RTX 2060 Super

    Hi Everyone, First My PC Specs: https://valid.x86.fr/s6kzxx My monitor is listed as G-Sync Compatible: https://www.mwave.com.au/blog/2019/1/29/msi-optix-monitors-are-now-nvidia-g-sync-compatible PSU: EVGA 650W Supernova Platinum I am planning to upgrade my GPU from RX580 to either 2060 Super...
  32. Thsm

    Question Black screen with artifact while trying to install gpu driver

    I bought a new card Gigabyte rtx 2060 super and it works very smoothly until today i turned on the pc and right before it goes in to login screen on windows it freezes on the aorus logo showing some green lines and then after 2 to 3 secs it loads the login screen but in the most lowest...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] Cheaper brand new GTX 1080 or A little bit more expensive RTX 2060 Super?

    Hello guys! I am planning to upgrade my gtx 1060 6gb because my friend wants to buy my GPU. So I am now planning to purchase my new GPU but I can't decide between a $342 usd GTX 1080 (Brand new) or a $440 usd RTX 2060 Super (Brand new)? Can you please help me decide which of the two gpu is...
  34. T

    Question Why is there a lithium battery in RTX?

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a gigabyte rtx 2060 OC Super and going through the description I noticed that is says lithium battery included. Any idea why? Below is the link from amazon...
  35. R

    [SOLVED] Best resolution to run RTX 2060 Super

    I've got an RTX 2060 Super, Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. Looking for a monitor now, deciding between a 1080p 144hz one or a 1440p 144hz one. Basically, I'm wondering what resolution can my RTX 2060S run most comfortably at? I'm a casual gamer not competitive, mainly playing games like GTA V, COD MW, RDR2...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] GPU Upgrade from GTX 1070 OC

    Hi all :) I would like to upgrade my graphic card and i have a huge dilemma. I've done some research but I'm still not clear about it and I'll be grateful for any advice or experience from someone who knows more than I do. Basically, I want to know whether it is currently worth upgrading my...
  37. H

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 super with 1080p @60hz

    Hi, first of all my english is not good but i hope you can understand it. So as long as this is my first pc bulid i want a budget 1080p 60hz monitor .i mean it costs under 100 euros . And another question.Can i play every game on ultra settings with 60+ fps on all games with a 1080@60hz monitor...
  38. D

    Question RTX 2060 or SUPER owners. Need your advice for this scenario.

    I got an old system with i7 4790K and 16 gb DDR3 ram. Last GPU I had was a 980 ti that I sold about 3 years ago due to work abroad (wouldn't have time to game at all). Now, I'm looking to get a new GPU to at least handle my existing old system for the next year and a half. I have a 1440p monitor...
  39. D

    Question Pc wont boot with RTX 2060 Super Aorus GPU installed?

    My issue: When I install my GPU (rtx 2060 super Aorus 8gb), the bios on my computer wont show, and the display wont connect. Just says ‘signal detected’ then ‘signal lost’ on screen. The fans and rgb lights on gpu run fine. I am temporarily using an Amd Athlon 200ge with integrated graphics so...
  40. L

    [SOLVED] Question about Reference 2060 Super and Performance

    I'm eying a Reference 2060 Super right now and I'm wondering if it's worth it to get another version of that card? I'm not really big on Overclocking, I just let the software OC what it can and leave it at that. I play 1080p 144hz but for future proofing assume it's 1440p, is it worth it? If...