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rtx 2070 evga

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  1. Noammi26

    Question Will My PSU work with an RTX 2070?

    Hey, I want to upgrade my current gpu to the EVGA RTX 2060 (The 1 fan version) but it says on their website that the recommended power usage is 500w while my psu has only 450w. Will this be a problem? Because I checked on a site that calculates power supply usage and it says I need 455w to run...
  2. Leoplate25

    Question Graphic problem with Windows 10 (1903)

    Hi, sometimes when i restart my computer i have this issue in windows (i attached an image of the problem), in Bios and loading the system never happened. It happens only in version 1903, running 1809 or 1803 everything is fine. I have to restart the pc and it works fine. But sometimes it comes...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] i7 7700k+ RTX 2070 will have bottleneck?

    i7 7700k+ RTX 2070 will have bottleneck? and Ryzen 7 2700x is better than i7 7700k ? if Ryzen, which mobo i can choose? according to website The bottlenecker, i7 7700k have 6% of bottleneck. Im experiencing that is enough for me to have lag in the witcher 3 for example, or not being able to...