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  1. X

    [SOLVED] Do video card drivers file locations affect graphics on secondary drive games?

    Ok so recently I wanted to upgrade my storage. All I had was a 3tb hdd for my boot and games drives. So I sold that one and got me a sn750 wd black 500gb for windows and launchers like steam and battle net and stuff. And I got me a wd black 4tb for games and stuff. So today I finally got...
  2. Ryonell

    [SOLVED] Can I run a RTX 2070 Super with this PSU?

    Hello. Can anyone tell me if this PSU can handle this GPU? GPU to install: https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Graphics-Card/GV-N207SGAMING-OC-8GD-rev-10-11#kf My current PSU: Be Quiet 700W U9 80 Plus Bronze it has 2 rails of 12V 12V1 (A) = 33 12V2 (A) = 25 It has 6+2Pin Conector x4 (2 for each rail)...
  3. Ikou

    Question Clock speeds halving when playing Darks Souls 3 and Rainbow 6

    When playing DS3 and R6 my GPU clock speeds are being halved when playing. I have spent multiple days trying to figure this out with minimal success. I have: Installed both games on multiple different drives to see if that would solve anything but to no avail(NVME m.2, SATA SSD, and HDD)...