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RTX 2070

Forum discussion tagged with RTX 2070.
  1. Question Weird colorful shapes on the screen or stripes around windows in Win10

    Hi, I have bought new Asus Rog Zephyrus with i7-9750H, 32GB RAM and nvidia RTX 1070 8GB. I use it for programming every day and the PC is connected to the external monitor. After the PC dim the display or go to sleep and I wake up the pc with hitting some key or move with the mouse there are...
  2. X

    [SOLVED] 3200 or 3600 MHz Ram

    I am building a new gaming PC with the following stats: - i5-10600 (no K- Don't want to overclock) Gigabyte Z490 aorus elite ac RTX 2060 super or 2070 super (not decided yet) 2 SSDs (not decided on the type yet) I am down to choose a decent RAM matching the set up. I have set my mind at...
  3. 4

    Best RTX 2070 laptop on the market?

    Hello, anyone can help me or suggest me what laptop to buy. I am looking for RTX 2070 laptop and my maximun budget is $1700. so if anyone can recommend me, that would be grate .
  4. B

    Question Rtx 2070 super upgrade

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about upgrading my gtx 1060, to a rtx 2070 super. I have a question about the wattage I need, at this moment I have a 650 watt psu, my specs are as followed Processor: Intel core i5 9600k Ram: Corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb 3200 mhz Processor cooler: Corsair hydro...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] ASROCK A320M-HDV + RTX 2070 8GB

    Let me first start off by apologizing if this is an obvious question, I just want to be safe before spending my money. I was curious if the RTX 2070 8gb will fit my motherboard (ASROCK A320M-HDV). I believe the PCIe slots line up but I was more concerned about if the size of the card itself will...
  6. N

    Question Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB 3600MHz Compatibility?

    Hello, Thank you for the time you are willing to take to respond to my thread! I recently upgraded my GPU from GTX 750 to RTX 2070 , to have over 300 fps in CSGO all the time.. I thought buying a 500€ card would just fix the fps problem but nope, it didnt. I only get a 50 fps boost in CSGO and...
  7. realtgg

    Question Sporadic/Random Artifacts in some Games RTX 2070 MSI Gaming Z

    So, when I first got my card I started noticing random weird green/red/blue flashes but I blamed that on the games (only had that happen 2-3 times in 8 months), now im starting to notice more random artifact lookin textures, like in these images: View: https://imgur.com/a/mT677vf and also...
  8. Kay83316

    Question Thinking about replacing my gpu

    I'm think about replacing my gtx 970 with rtx 2070. But I dont really know how to do it. Like how do I know if its compatible with my old system? What are the steps before and after I install it? Thanks for advance. :) My current pc spec: Motherboard: MSI X99A Raider ATX GPU: NVIDIA...
  9. Vancouverfreeride

    Question Will vga cable work for rgb port??

    I have an older monitor I would like to add to my set up. In my pc I have an rtx 2070. The main HDMI port is being used for my main monitor. However I have an empty slot for DisplayPort. I would like to order a vga to DisplayPort cable, as it would work with my guy. The question is will this...
  10. A

    Question Skylake i5 6600k rtx2070 stuttering

    Hello everyone. My pc has the following specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-6600k GPU: Nvidia RTX2070 8GB RAM: GSkill 2x 4GB 2800 XMP On Mobo: Asrock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6 PSU: Corsair 650W 80+ Bronze SSD: Samsung 250GB HDD: Western Digital 1TB Monitor: LG 23" 75HZ (set to 60 Hz) With my cpu...
  11. M

    Question RTX 2070 under performing?

    Hello all, I recently got an RTX 2070 windforce gpu, and I have an i5 9600k cpu and I run fortnite on high settings and it hovers around 144 FPS, is this an under performance?
  12. O

    Question RTX 2060 SUPER VS 2070 Ventus

    In my local Store There are 2 graphics card in the same price range but one of them is a 2060 and the other one a 2070 Which one should I Buy? RTX 2060 RTX 2070 Thank you!
  13. K

    Question New System Stuttering Issues

    I have posted about my new build a few times in this subreddit, as I've been having issues. Now my build finally benchmarks where it should according to Userbenchmark, Cinebench, and Heaven. However, now that I'm playing games, I've been having other issues. When I first start playing, games run...
  14. N

    Question What Graphics Card does my Motherboard / PC support?

    Hello there! I need to make an graphics card upgrade since I am still playing on that gtx 750 which was a really good graphics card and solid for its age (still currently) What type of graphics card can I buy for my PC? I want like the newest ones if its possible or the best possibilities...
  15. Streplep

    Question GPU 0% load

    Hello everyone I will try to keep this short. Specs: Asus TUF x570 Ryzen 7 2700x RTX 2070 32 GB Trident z RGB (3200 MHz) 500 GB Nvme 250 GB SSD 1 TB HD 750 W P Recently my games have become choppy and very low FPS which are unplayable. Before this issue the games were playing fine with...
  16. Rusel

    Question Random vertical white lines appearing on second monitor

    Hello, I recently bought a RTX 2070 and I guess I might have some issues with it. From time to time, from my guess randomly, I get this weird white vertical lines showing on my second display for a split second. My main display is a 144hz one and second one a 60hz one. I updated my bios and...
  17. K

    Question Low Performance on RTX 2070 MaxQ Design

    I have been getting really bad performance from my RTX 2070 GPU. I tried a Heaven Benchmark and it gave me an average of 14 FPS while the site shows benchmarking results with up to 90FPS with an i5 9th gen. At first, I thought it was a heating issue but that didn't help me as the CPU and GPU...
  18. K

    Question Low FPS and Stuttering/Freezing

    Hi, I bought a Dell G7 Laptop recently and I have been getting extremely low FPS and a lot of lag in games like GTA V, Warframe, Darksiders III etc. I have disabled Windows Game Mode as many people on different posts suggested this and also updated all my drivers (Graphics, Audio, Video...
  19. Question NVIDIA Surround Error

    I can't seem to get NVIDIA Surround to work. I want it to span three 4k screens that I have across two different GPUs, but it just gives me a generic error that refers me to this connection guide, which is really just system req's. Here's my setup from the NVIDIA Control Panel I have a...
  20. thegub

    Question PC Black-screens but still remains on- no display on monitors and keyboard and mouse switches off

    Hi there, I have a frustrating issue prolonging for a long 6-month period whereby my computer randomly stops outputting a display to both of my monitors and my keyboard and mouse dies. This usually happens when playing games under stress, but today especially I had trouble booting it up...