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  1. Z

    Question X570-F White VGA Light

    I will provide a list of all of the components in my build below. I am a first time PC builder, so ANY tips will be useful here. I am using a projector. I hope that isn't the root of the problem. I built my PC and tried to turn it on. No display. I had a red DRAM light on my motherboard. I...
  2. T

    Question Help! Persistent crashes on my MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio. Any ideas?

    Hi, I've had my RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio for about one year now, and this is the first time I've had any serious issues. The issues first started when Modern Warfare had a fatal DirectX crash, when I tried to relaunch, as soon as anything had to be rendered and the GPU core clock increased, the...
  3. P

    Question cpu temp too high?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a new pc but for some reason games keep crashing to desktop. I was wondering if it's a cpu related issue (or something else?). It's really frustrating and the pc took a lot of my savings.. My rig : luxe Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core (24 threads) 3.8Ghz (turbo: 4.6Ghz)...
  4. CrysisRage

    Question RTX 2080 micro stuttering dropping frames

    Hi I recently purchased a 5700 xt. It was a good card but however i kept getting black screens and computer randomly restarting so i returned it (I read that might be a possibility since i use two monitors) 1: 4k Acer KG281K and 2: 1080P Acer . So I purchased a RTX 2080 and while thats fixed...
  5. faslanetech

    Question i7 9700K running HOT when heavy gaming.

    Hi all, a friend of mine was asking me if his temps were too hot when he's been heavy gaming. He's playing Division 2 and has a water cooled i7 9700k CPU and an RTX 2080 gpu. His temps are hitting the "red zone" IMO and he wondered about re-thermal pasting his CPU. Thoughts? His temps in...
  6. D

    Question GC-Titan Ridge with 2 RTX 2080 Cards

    Z390 AORUS MASTER(rev 1.0) BIOS Version F11c i9 - 9900K 32GB RAM (4X8) 2 - EVGA RTX 2080 GC-Titan Ridge (TBT Controller) 1 SSD SATA Drive The system works great without the TBT card. When I add the TBT card, I get no boot/video trying all of the video ports, including onboard. BIOS video...
  7. S

    Question MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio Temp

    Hi, I have the MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio, and recently when I've been playing graphically intensive games, e.g. Control, my temperature goes to 70-80 (not unexpected) but the fans stay at like 60%, the big single fan usually on goes up to 50% with the 2 smaller ones to 60%. The main problem...
  8. I

    Question RTX 2080 performance decreased after Windows reinstall

    I reinstalled windows to fix the audio driver issue and I also expected few performance gains but after doing Deus EX Mankind Divided benchmark (Because that's the only benchmark result I remember) I saw 2 FPS drops, I did this benchmark multiple times and yet the results were the same. I'm...
  9. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] EVGA RTX 2080 Super Black Gaming VS. MSI Gaming TRIO X ???

    Last minute question, is there a big/good difference between the EVGA card mention above ($699) vs. the MSI one ($760). Is it worth that price difference? How big of a difference is the cooling and overclocking considering the MSI card has 2x8 PIN rather than EVGA's 6+8. Any opinions? Rest of...
  10. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 Super Recommendations?

    So my GTX 1080 died a while back and I decided to aim for a RTX 2080 Super as my next GPU. Here's my main issue: There's so many. I was originally looking at the MSI TRIO X ($740) card but then saw comparisions and the cheaper, smaller, 1 less fan EVGA Super Black Dual Fan ($689.99@Microcenter)...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Have r5 3600, should I get 2070S or 2080/ti?

    I already have a PC with a r5 3600 and GTX1060, looking to upgrade, should I get a 2070 Super or 2080 or 2080ti, will the 3600 be a problem for any of those? (bottleneck wise) I'll be playing games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, CoD MW, Satisfactory, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Apex Legends...
  12. DevanFish

    Question Why is my friend getting getting 240+fps with a 1080 and im getting 100-230fps with a 2080

    My pc: i7 9700k RTX 2080 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3200 MPG Z390 EDGE AC Corsair AIO I have all the good drivers for the game all the good control panel settings BUT my CPU will randomly go to 100% when opening up ANYTHING, I play Fortnite competitively and getting under 240avg is crap. any help...
  13. D

    Question Is there a way to buy a graphics card cooler and backplate without getting the actual gpu itself?

    I bought a prebuilt a year and a half ago with an rtx 2080. It was a reference card. Since then, I have upgraded my case and case cooling. I would like to try overclocking my card, but I am not really comfortable doing it with the blower style cooler. Is there a way to buy just the cooler? thanks.
  14. B

    Question rtx 2080 errors and crashing

    This is my second 2080 so im damn sure its not a memory error. little bit of back story I have bought my first 2080 it was giving me the same issues as before and while i was waiting for my second one (replacement) i was using a RX 470 4GB WITHOUT ANY ISSUES, then as soon as my second rtx 2080...
  15. [SOLVED] GPU factory flashed vBIOS?

    I bought an RTX 2080 Duke OC like 4 months ago. I just downloaded MSI Live Update. It shows my GPU bios version, and I searched it on google because I was curious. I just found out it is an unverified version on techpowerup. This is the one I have right now...
  16. CDL_Gaming

    Question My GPU fans are suddenly spinning very fast for several seconds and then slowing down. Is my graphics card dying?

    So I'm playing a game, everything's going fine, and suddenly my graphics card decides to start spinning the fans as fast as it can. This lasts for several seconds and then it goes back to normal. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary with them when it's doing it, just running games. It'll...
  17. jkris.b

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2080 duke good ?

    So I did order the 2080 gaming x trio but it was never delivered so the only one I can afford now is the Rtx 2080 duke is it good I don’t really fancy paying a lot more for a bigger heat sink and more rgb
  18. S

    Question What's happening with my system?

    Hello everyone, I need some help determining a problem with my system. Just this week, my PC has begun crashing in games, the screen goes black and the fans spin up to maximum, or the PC just shuts off completely for a few minutes. This is concerning me because my PC serves as my gaming system...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2080 fans spinning only with MSI afterburner, not otherwise.

    Hi. I have a prebuilt hp system (my work-desk pc) with the following specs : i7 8700K Rtx 2080 {Card maker unknown} 2Tb HDD Windows 10 pro Nvidia driver : 441.20 No overclocking. I ran the Unigine's superposition benchmark to stress test my GPU, however I noticed that the fans didn't kick in...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Watercooled RTX 2080 High Temps and Low FPS

    CPU: 9900K with Bitspower Monoblock Mobo: ASUS Maximus XI Extreme RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB GPU: RTX 2080 with Bitspower waterblock Case NZXT Phantom 820 PSU: Corsair RM1000i 3 Fans for intake (x2 140 Bottom on top of my 280 Rad and x1 200 Front) 6 Fans for outake (x1 140 Back and x3 140...