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  1. Jonathancheesebrown

    Question RTX 3080 Ti good enough to watch 4k 300fps?

    Hello guys, I have a short simple question for you. I want to build a PC with an RTX 3080 Ti to watch 4k videos with a VERY HIGH frame rate (We are talking about a frame rate of 300) and my question is will the GPU be able to produce those 300 frames per second for 4k content? Please take into...
  2. Jonathancheesebrown

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 Ti suitable to watch 4k videos?

    Hello guys, I have a short simple question for you. I want to build a PC with an RTX 3080 Ti to watch 4k videos with a VERY HIGH frame rate (We are talking about a frame rate of 300) and my question is will the GPU be able to produce those 300 frames per second for 4k content? Peace and...
  3. Q

    Question I'm going to buy a RTX 3080. Is playing the game myself better than watching YouTube videos of that game (in term of graphic/visual)?

    I'm wondering if I should buy an RTX 3080 card now. I used to watch youtube videos like "Game xxx max setting ray tracing at 4k" and I enjoy the beautiful scenes in that game. Now the price is dropping and I have enough money for an RTX 3080. I wonder that if I buy the card and experience the...
  4. F

    Question Pigtail on vga cable?

    Just curious about the extra pigtail on a vga cable… forgot if its good to use or just use another vga cable. Current specs: I9 10850k Msi z490 gaming plus 32gb of gskill ram (3200 mhz) Evga Gtx 1080 ti sc edition Superflower leadex III 850w gold psu Only reason im asking is because my co...
  5. W

    Question Black screen with RTX 3080 on some monitors

    I moved country and shipped my desktop with me. Upon arriving I inspected the desktop and apart from a small clip having disconnected from one of the PCIe ports and a dent in the case, everything looked in order I did not ship my original monitor with the machine so I purchased an ASUS VA27EHE...
  6. M

    Question EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 12GB temps

    I recently bought this card and my PC case dont have the best airflow (i realized it when i saw the temps of this gpu) so i was trying to find out what is normal temperature for this GPU but no luck so i decided to post a thread. First i will post temps with my side panel ON (side panel is...
  7. R

    Question RTX 3080: GPU-Z says "vbios version: unknown" ?

    Specs: msi z390 mag tomahawk (running latest bios) i5 9600k x2 8gb corsair 3200mhz ram corsair 850 gold psu Hi there! Last week I purchased a Gigabyte RTX 3080 OC 12G from Amazon. When I mounted the card and first booted I didn't get any signal on the display, I tried both HDMI and display...
  8. S

    Question New RTX 3080 displays signal for a few seconds before losing signal

    So my roommate recently bought an EVGA FTW RTX 3080. When we built his new computer and booted it up, it booted like normal but after maybe 4 or 5 seconds the monitor lost signal. I looked in BIOS and it doesn't detect the GPU at all. I even took my card out of my computer and put his card in...
  9. kutari

    [SOLVED] FPS drops with RTX 3080 Ti & Ryzen 5 5900X ?

    I dont get it. I tried everything on my RTX 3080TI. I keep getting frame drops in fortnite and every other game. CPU is Ryzen 9 5900X. Tried installing old driver: Not working Clean Install: Not working Ram Xmp: not working Power mode max performance: not working The Problem: The GPU is...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Which GPU should I get and is my PSU strong enough?

    So I've recently upgraded my PC and my current specs are as follows: CPU: i5 12600KF Motherboard: MSI Z690 Force RAM: 32GB (2x16) DDR5 Drives: 1TB M.2 1TB HDD 250GB SSD CPU Cooler: Tower Air Cooler Fans: 4 x 120mm Case: ATX PSU: 650W 80+ Certified Platinum...
  11. M

    Question Custom building PC - Help

    OLDER build has been deleted and EDITED into the following: Processor (CPU) AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core CPU (3.7GHz-4.8GHz/70MB CACHE/AM4) Motherboard ASUS® ROG Strix X570-F GAMING (USB 3.2 Gen 2, PCIe 4.0) - ARGB Ready! Memory (RAM) QUESTION : will the Corsair Dominator Platinum 3600 MHz...
  12. Servs

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair ONE Pro a200 bad?

    I am looking to buy a small form factor workstation/gaming machine. I was looking at the Ryzen 9 5950X with RTX 3080 Corsair ONE Pro a200 but "bad thermals" seem to be on every user review, discussion, and video. Does it ever actually throttle or shut down? Is the performance impacted that...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] Potential issue with RAM? Hard crash, mix of black screen and inverted colours.

    Hello, I recently decided to build a new system, my old system was about ~7-8 years old and starting to show its age. I elected to switch to the following components: i7 4770k -> i7 12700k GTX 980 -> RTX 3080 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1866 MHz (DDR3) -> 32 GB G Skill Ripjaw V Series 3600 MHz...
  14. U

    Question RTX 3080, slow/delayed texture and LOD loading

    Hey there, I'm having an issue with my RTX 3080, ever since I installed it in a new case (yes, I know cases have no way to affect performance). Basically, as the title says, I get a delayed and slow texture loading, especially with in-game models, such as characters, props and really any...
  15. Vax

    [SOLVED] Is my Motherboard ready for RTX 3080?

    I'm planning on upgrading my GPU on Cyber Monday, but I wanna make sure I don't screw myself over with this buy. So I do what I've done for years now, and come to you guys for help! My current motherboard is https://www.newegg.com/msi-z390-a-pro/p/N82E16813144219?Item=N82E16813144219 Is it...
  16. A Bear Guy

    Question Pre-Built Turned Custom Build Issues

    Hi All, I recently purchased a pre-built Asus system because I felt that at the time the price was more than fair for what I got. This prebuilt is known for thermally maxing out and then shutting off under even light gaming loads, this is due to a case that only came with an exhaust fan, it was...
  17. theRTT

    Question New PC build: Games crash randomly. NEED HELP!

    Hello. I have a brand new PC Build that keeps crashing in games. This happens oddly enough only with Origin games (for as far as I know): Apex Legends and Star Wars Battlefront II. When I was playing Overwatch, it didn't crash. The crashes happen mid-game. So not in the menu or whatever. I have...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Razer blade pro 17 rtx 3080 360hz display

    ok guys is this a good option? i know is expensive but i really want to try it out , should i go for the 1440p 120hz? i need help and does the 360 hz make a difference? sorry for my english im only gonna use it for gaming and sometimes for video editing
  19. [SOLVED] New RTX 3080 running modern games at 20-30FPS

    I replaced my RTX 1070 with an RTX 3080 a couple days ago, and got literally no change in FPS across multiple games. MSI afterburner seems to suggest a GPU bottleneck with GPU usage constantly 100% and CPU usage hovers 10-20%. Between the 1070 (23FPS) and 3080 (24FPS), there was negligible...
  20. theRTT

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 (install) extremely slow

    Hi guys! I've just build a brand new pc, here are some of the components: Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080 xtreme - Gigabyte Aorus x570 elite - AMD Ryzen 7 5800x - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB m.2. Now, here are some video's. I think you can obviously see what's wrong. Install 1 - Install 2 - Homescreen So...
  21. ZiousT

    Question Dual Monitor displays going black during gaming ?

    This is a brand new rig I put together and ordered through Cyberpower PC, and so far this issue has been an on and off problem I'd love to get solved. Both of my monitors will all of a sudden stop receiving signal from my computer, but the entire thing will be running like normal, as will my...
  22. M

    Question Disabling graphic card when playing more demanding games.

    Hello, About two weeks ago, a computer came to me straight from the German website - AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK, 16 GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR4-3600MHZ CL18 and a graphics card, i.e. GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER 10G from Gigabyte AORUS. When playing Europe Universalis 4, League of Legends...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] So I have a 3080 Suprim X, Asus Strix 3080 TI & Asus Strix 3090 which do I game with, mine with, and sell?

    I came into all three. Not at the same time. My 3080 suprim X is a NON LHR card. and of course the 3080 ti is a LHR and the 3090 is also of course not. I've been looking into Mining however I still want to game and would rather have a separate set up for mining. Which should I keep mine with...
  24. bimbawzsvk

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 BSOD when using Blender ?

    HI, I'm having an issue where as I'm using Blender (not crazy amount of polys, just the UV editor), and I'm getting BSOD from "VIDEO TDR FAILURE" and nvlddmkm.sys error. I've tried googling and looking for solutions but it still seems to be coming back. My current nvidia driver is 472.12 Game...
  25. B

    [SOLVED] High End build keeps bluescreening while playing games. Possibly CPU?

    I got a new pre built about a month ago and for the first week it ran everything great without problems. High fps on high settings in 1440p. But after that first week, problems began arising. Games would hard crash to desktop at first, then i started blue screening. Its been blue screening...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 Poor performance

    I have just bought my new 3080. I run the test in division 2 but I found that the result was not satisfied and the result of the 3D mark fire strike was also not satisfied because it was much lower than the average result. Result of Fire Strike: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/26124273 This is my...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080

    Will a RTX 3080 underperform if the PSU is only 750W? (I have a NZXT C750w 80+ gold)
  28. L

    Question What is considered good for RTX 3080 watercooled temperatures.

    I have an Aorus RTX 3080 xtreme which I recently water cooled with Phanteks Glacier GPU block. I am running this with an i9-9900k (nothing is overclocked) using a 360mm and a 240mm radiator. In heavy gaming loads (AAA titles at 1440p) I can see GPU temperatures reach as high as 57 -58C and CPU...
  29. Bobo1458

    [SOLVED] [RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra] Max/Min Watts/Temps/Volts

    Hello! I was just wondering what the max temps/watts/and volts for the 3080 ftw3 ultra should look like. My GPU temps are up almost 70 C and I'm getting around 270-280w when gaming. My volts are 1.2. I've been getting not the best FPS with this card, nothing near as to what I thought it would be...
  30. K

    [SOLVED] Will my i9-9900k be bottlenecked by an RTX 3080?

    I'm planning on securing a 3080 around the holidays when they're hopefully more obtainable and my friend recently told me my i9-9900k is only "okay" (which I find very confusing considering it's only two years old). Will my CPU bottleneck the GPU by any significant degree? Will I have to buy an...
  31. Mitch021

    [SOLVED] Docking station for Razer blade

    Hi Guys, I've got a Razer Blade 15 with RTX 3080 running under Ubuntu 18 and I've installed all required NVIDIA drivers. To set up a double screen I need to buy a docking station which I'm not sure which brand or model is compatible with (because I've heard some docks may not work with laptops...
  32. Bobo1458

    [SOLVED] I7-8700k to I7-11700 worth the upgrade?

    So I'm wanting to game at 1080p and eventually switch to 1440p. Would the FPS increase be worth the switch if I did upgrade from my 8700k to 11700? Or should I got with the i7-10700K? Here are my specs: RTX 3080 EVGA FTW I7-8700k @4.7GHz PSU 850w Corsair Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4...
  33. Bobo1458

    [SOLVED] How do I know if my RTX 3080 is being Bottlenecked by my CPU

    So I just got my RTX 3080 installed and I hopped on some of my favorite games to test out this beast of a GPU like: Borderlands 3, Forza Horizon 4, NFS Heat, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and even Rainbow Six Siege. All to find out on ultra settings @ 1080p I was getting micro stuttering and FPS...
  34. Bobo1458

    [SOLVED] What Power Cables Do I Need For the RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra

    Hello so I am getting an RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra and I have a Corsair RM Series RM850w power supply. What power connectors am I going to need for this GPU? If anyone could link like an amazon store page on what connectors to buy that would be greatly appreciated!
  35. I

    [SOLVED] i7 8086k and ASUS TUF Z390 Pro question

    Hi everyone, hope you're well. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I am new around here. I have an i7 8086k and ASUS TUF Z390 Pro Motherboard that I won in a competition in 2018 and have been sat on my shelf ever since. Never opened. Back then I didn't have the money to build a PC around...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] Help with selecting new build components

    Hi guys, i'm looking to build a new Gaming PC in the next couple of months when prices start to return to normal. i have not built a pc for a while and my current system is around 8 years old now and just manages to run games on medium settings. I'm looking to build a new high end system to...
  37. [SOLVED] What is the pixel shader version for RTX 3080 ?

    Hello, I purchased an RTX 3080 card, and during my tests for the card, I found that the pixel shader is 5.0 after it was 5.1 in my old GTX 1080.. I don't know if it is a problem or should it be like this? The result is from systemrequirementslab website!
  38. V

    Question Xbox Game Pass & Nvidia RTX 3080 games suggestions

    Hi, Which Game Pass Games have Ray Tracing or which games on game pass will show off my 3080 GPU at 4k 120fps easily 🆒? Do these PC games support HDR and if so how do I enable HDR for PC gaming? The games must be good with a good Metacritic scores.
  39. G

    [SOLVED] i5 11400(F) RTX 3080 Build

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum section. I should have posted this in the Systems forum but I don't know how to move this thread to the Systems forum. I'm planning on building a Gaming PC once GPU prices come down. I'm looking to spend around $1500 - $1750, but I suppose I could go up...

    Build Advice Need help in choosing parts for a new build

    Hey guys, I am planning to build a new PC for gaming and productivity (mostly Software Development). For the time being, I'll be using a single 1440p monitor for the time being with no plans on upgrading to a 4k display for at least 2 years. Budget Range: ~$2500 System Usage from Most to Least...