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  1. B

    Question What could cause RTX 4080 to not use full power in games?

    Hey all, I have an issue with my less than half a year old GPU. Using DDU to wipe drivers and reinstalling makes it work until the next time I restart my PC. The issue is that in games the GPU uses less than 60% TDP depending on the game, on some games even less than 10% if they're less...
  2. sterfried

    Question Freshly Installed RTX 4080 + PSU Dies, Troubleshooting Indicates CPU Issue

    Hi! I've had my computer for about 6-7 years now, and finally decided it was about time to upgrade my GPU, as well as my PSU to accommodate it. I ended up buying and installing a 750 W modular PSU, and about a day later I installed an RTX 4080 into the PC. They both ran fine in tandem for...
  3. S

    Question HELP - RTX video enhancement - I CANNOT GET IT TO WORK on RTX 4080

    I have an RTX 4080/5800x3d and I'm using a Samsung QN90a TV as a monitor if that helps at all. I cannot get the rtx video enhancement to work at all. I enable it in control panel and boom 0 effect on power draw and 0 effect on the quality of the video I'm playing whether I'm on Chrome or Edge...
  4. Y

    Question RTX 4080 CPU Recommendation

    Hi, Which is best CPU for RTX 4080? Thinking of 7950x3d or i9 13900k. This is my new build so please advice.. It will be used for gaming and video rendering!
  5. SilverPigtail

    Question Gigabyte RTX 4080 Gaming OC one fan spinning at idle

    Hi people, I'm running into a problem with my Gigabyte RTX 4080 Gaming OC: When I'm on the desktop and the system is on idle, the last fan of the GPU starts spinning. The temps are fine (43º). The only way to stop it is by opening again and it seems that the state of the GPU "resets". I've...
  6. nbt

    [SOLVED] RTX 4080 has high power draw when watching youtube videos ?

    Hi everyone! I have an issue with youtube playback, and generally browser based video playback. I have a 4k LG monitor and a 4080 Zotac oc GPU, just recently upgraded. The issue is when i watch a youtube video 1080p, 1440p at 1/4 screen the gpu power draw is around 16w. But if i watch the same...
  7. M

    Question rtx 4080 low fps!

    Hi, im having issues with the specs as seen in my signature, bf5 and bf1 run about 90fps to 120 on 1080p or 4k (res scale) no matter what settings, when even the 6800xt i returned ran the games at 165 locked on low - I am very puzzled by this and nor happy. Same thing goes for squad its going...
  8. Blubberykollis

    Question MSI RTX 4080 bad performance?

    Hello! As the title proclaims, I have suspicions regarding the performance of my newely acquired RTX 4080. I upgraded from an RTX 2080 Ti, and from what I can say right away, the performance is already a lot better on the new card(In certain aspects!). But, my suspicions arise from the likes of...
  9. kalli07

    Question My RTX 2070-S outperforming my new RTX 4080??

    Hello, I just upgraded from a 2070 super to a RTX 4080 Inno3d ichill, and im having some fps issues. The new 4080 is only giving me a fps boost of 30-50 fps. When I use my 2070 super and play fortnite on low settings I get almost a stable 240 fps, and my new 4080 is not even giving me 300fps on...
  10. K

    Question Rtx 4080 with HX850 Gold

    Hello, just bought an rtx 4080. The 12pin to three 8pin adapter comes with it. However the hx850 is semi modular with two 6+2 cables being already routed from the psu so to speak. All good so far, thing is I need three 6+2 pins cables from the psu to plug into the three 8 pins on the adapter. I...
  11. Jeff_120

    Question B660m and RTX 4080?

    Are the B660m too small for the rtx 4080? I saw this Asus TUF B600m for a good price and it has pcie 5.0 for future proof, but it looks like the DRAM slots are too close to the GPU no?
  12. LIQMAN007

    Question Will Adding A External GPU To My Laptop Increase My GPU Performance?

    I have an Alienware 15 R7 with DDR5 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, i7 cpu, 1440p Res and RTX 3060 in my current laptop and was wanting to know if adding an external RTX 3080Ti using my thunderbolt 4 will increase my gpu performance? I do alot of gaming and school work on my laptop now and some of the AAA...
  13. Jeff_120

    Question TT Commander C34 and RTX 4080?

    Hello Would my actual case the TT Commander C34 be able to take in an RTX 4080 like the Asus TUF 4080 or MSI Gaming Trio? It's a rather large case https://www.thermaltake.com/commander-c34-tg-argb-edition.html