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  1. G

    [SOLVED] Normal temps under load for a GPU

    I am running the EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 super. I loaded up ARK and set the graphics to ultra and noticed my gpu was sitting at around 70-75C Is this normal or is it too hot? My graphics card should be able to handle these games without a problem. What else can I do to lower the temp or is it...
  2. P

    Question What performance should I expect out of these components?

    Hello all! So, I am a very new-to-the-pc scene sort of person and I have had my PC for a good year now at least. I have had a few issues with it over that span of time but nothing that I could not tinker around with and fix. Fast forward to today and I feel as though the level of performance...
  3. mikedragax

    Question why just 2 of 3 fans is spinning? (graphic card RTX 2080 super gaming oc 8gb rev 2.0)

    my VGA (rtx 2080 super gaming oc rev2.0) have 3 fans, sometimes 1 fan stop working and 2 continue the job, is it a hardware problem? All 3 should working when the temperature is getting high? Even when i start to play heavy games, i got 2 fans works only. Ive installed the aorus engine already...
  4. F

    Question Motherboard PCI-E x16 speed for GPU

    Hello, I have a Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard with the following setup : - CPU : Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz Turbo unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W 1st PCIE slot : MSI RTX 2080 Super Sea Hawk EK X 2cnd PCIE slot : empty 3rd PCIE slot : empty M2M : ADATA...
  5. N

    Question Is it compatible

    Is MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE compatible with GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER™ GAMING X TRIO ? If not, can you give me some suggestions (High end)
  6. C

    Question Does 6700k bottleneck 2080super in 2k?

    I'm running 6700k with 2080super gaming oc for gaming in 2k monitor 144hz. Does my Processor bottle neck my GPU in games which usages extensive processor?
  7. 9

    Question Can PSU cause GPU to freeze

    Recently purchased an Msi rtx 2080 super trio that keeps freezing every minute or so for around 5 seconds (GPU load/power goes to 0%) whilst gaming. When checking MSI afterburner GPU and CPU usage/power seem to be fine running at 97-99% usage and power with CPU at around 60-70% with temps of...