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  1. P

    Question High End PC suddenly having low performance and stuttering while gaming

    Hello, I've tried looking at possible ways to solve this issue and I don't know what to do PC specs (slightly built off of a prebuilt I've had for over a year): CPU: Intel i7-11700KF (came with prebuilt) Motherboard: MSI Z590 PRO WIFI (replacement for prebuilt) GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX...
  2. SamuraiPanda2368

    Question GPU VGA LED light on for Graphics card RTX3070 TI Aorus

    Hello everyone, any help is much appreciated :D I've had the 3070ti for a month now, it was pretty much plug and play upgrading from a RX480. I've had no issues with the card until last night when the computer blue screened, i didn't manage to catch the description but after that the system...
  3. P

    Question GPU won't output to display and there's no HDD activity light (Code 43) ?

    Similar issue to this post except my computer doesn't boot at all when the HDMI/DP is plugged into the GPU and there is no drive activity light: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/rtx-3080-suprim-error-code-43.3713409/#post-22385655 Hey everyone, wanted to get some opinions, or maybe...
  4. A

    Question XPG Core Reactor 750W PSU - How many GPUs supports (single-cable)?

    Hi all, could you please help me out with this question? PSU XPG Core Reactor 750W has 5 ports marked as "CPU & VGA"... so, how many GPUs can I connect to this PSU? considering single cables (no daisy chained). More specific is, can I connect 2x3070Ti Gygabye GPU (they have 2x8-pin connector...