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  1. F

    Question Motherboard for 2x RTX 3090

    Hi, I have two RTX 3090 (PALiT GeForce RTX3090 GamingProOC) for computer vision tasks. It is quite frustrating for me to choose the remaining components, because I am not hardware geek. Could you recommend me suitable motherboard and CPU for both RTX 3090? I could read that rtx 3090 is a...
  2. Orpheus57

    Question Issue with Gigabyte G27Q 1440p 144hz gaming monitor

    I recently purchase a G27Q GIGABYTE Gaming Monitor and used it yesterday. I am running an i510600k and an RTX3090. The computer has had absolutely no issues. I used the knew monitor yesterday, changed the settings in control panel to use 2560x1440p and 144hz. - my last monitor was 1080p...
  3. A

    Question RTX 3090 help?

    ASUS Prime Z390-P ATX w/ WiFi 802.11AC RGB, USB 3.1, 2 PCIe x16, 4 PCIe x1, 4 SATA3, 2 M.2 This is the motherboard I have And this is my power supply I want to know the best power supply for the rtx 3090 since I know 750w or 850 will do the job This is the one I currently have Need serious...
  4. G

    Question Can I connect new RTX 3090 to HP z640?

    I do have a HP z640 which currently runs TitanX Pascal with one 6pin and 8pin power connectors. I use a 6pin to 8pin converter for the 8pin one. It also has a 925W PSU which, I assume, is enough for handling 3090. The only constraint is that 3090 asks for 2-8pin connectors with max 375W...
  5. Roundbaby

    [SOLVED] No-Holds-Barred Gaming / Workstation Build Appraisal

    I've been working for a tech company for 18 months, and have been scrimping and saving. Now that I am transferring to a new university, I want to splurge and make a top-of-the-line gaming and workstation PC for my apartment! For the most part I want to spare no expense and want the full system...
  6. G

    Question Will the rtx 3090 be compatible with my mpg z390 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard?

    From what I have been able to gather, it seems that the new graphics card would be compatible with a similar motherboard: mpg z390 gaming plus. My apologies if this is obvious. It also mentioned needing three unused expansion slots, I checked and I only have two unused expansion slots currently...