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  1. Z

    Question CS:GO Rubberbanding

    Hello, I have a problem in CS:GO, it's been a problem ever since I bought my new laptop and I just don't know what is causing it, I basically walk around and get warped. It happens a lot when I strafe left right left right or when I jump around it warps me back. I got rid of it for a month or 2...
  2. fujivvara

    Most reliable Z370 motherboard?

    Hello, I decided to upgrade to i5 8600K, and ended up frustrated with choice of motherboard. I do not intend to push it hard overclocking it, I use PC both for gaming and for work, also planning on installing Intel Optane. So I am looking for a reliable motherboard with good performance - my...
  3. R

    Would two WD Red 3tbs make more noise than one WD Red 6tb?

    Hi, I've been looking around to find a quiet option for storage. WD Red seem to have the quietest large capacity HDDs. The 3tb drives are a bit quieter than the 6tb ones, as indicated on this page: WD Red 3tb: vibration 9 Airborne...
  4. O

    Asus Xonar DGX "tinny" echo w/ Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition

    Yesterday I received my brand new Asus Xonar DGX Sound Card from Amazon. I decided to pair this sound card up with the new headphones that I also just bought, Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition, due to a huge sale ($80) on Prime Day. Over the weekend, I tried the headphones out with my on-board...
  5. S

    can 980ti sli?

    Can the gtx 980ti be sli? And would it be worth it, as most games might not be capable of the sli configuration yet..