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    Question [HELP] Corsair RAM DRR4 3200 running at 2133. Tried updating BIOS and XMP profile.

    Hello guys and girls, i ll start by first listing out my specs: and ryzen 5 2600x corsair vengeance lpx b450-a pro (supports 3200) rtx 2070 650w power supply On the ram I can see 16-18-18-36 which I guess are the XMP profile settings needed. It also mentions 1.36V Backstory: I noticed my pc...
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    Question high end gaming pc can't run some of the easiest please

    hi! i used to have a pretty crappy pc so a few months ago i decided to upgrade and bought all new parts and built another pc. the problem is it cant run anything and its really frustrating. i cant run some of the easiest games at a steady 60fps on LOW. for example: fortnite, minecraft, gang...
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    Question PC running terribly after SSD install, help please!

    Hey everyone, I'm currently dealing with a problem that's persisted for the past two days., I've scoured all over the internet for solutions to no avail, which has led me to making an account in hopes someone can help me here. I recently installed a Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB SSD on my PC running...
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    Question Win10 running slow even after formatting

    Hi everyone! I'm by no means a computer expert, so here I am asking your help. My laptop was running pretty slow, not fluid, so I tried formatting it (following the Step-by-Step option in "Settings"). It got better, but STILL feels like a fresh clean Win10 laptop should run better. It's a...
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    What cables should I get sleeved?

    I am wondering what cables would be exposed via the window in my case so I know where to spend money on sleeved cables. I have a fully modular PSU. This is my build: I am obviously going for a red & black build so I was looking at these cables...
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    Computer loads games very slowly, but once in game supports high end graphics????

    Hello all. I’ve always been impressed with your solutions to people’s computer issues. Well I think it’s finally my turn. I’ve been trying everything I can think of to resolve this issue on my own but I’m not making any headway so it’s time to call in the big guns. I’m running an Alienware...
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    Upgradable budget pc

    I am wanting to build a pc using the z270 chipset i dont have the money to build one like i want right how but i want the basics. I want to be able to upgrade to the i7 7700k in the near future so i meed adiquate psu, ram and mobo and a cheap cpu that isnt terribly slow on lower end games...
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    Linux+ Mobile Pascal (proprietary drivers)

    Hello, I would like to know if you can use Nvidia's proprietary drivers on Linux with a mobile Pascal GPU. I heard that you need to use drivers provided by OEMs for these cards. I want to use the proprietary drivers instead of Nouveau for the Optimus technology.
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    No disk 0

    Hello , Yesterday I was booting my PC with Windows 10... the process was all good. I felt asleep during the process. When I woke up the PC was off , so I turn on the PC , I found it saying no disk found or similar to that .. so I was going to boot it again as the hardware was detected in BIOS...
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    Help with first time build

    Hello, I am starting to get into PC gaming and I don't have a clue about how to make a good gaming pc. :??: If anybody could provide me some info, that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated! :) Some good things would be: what parts I'll need, what parts are good and which ones are crap...
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    Connecting 2 gpus p55ud3 motherboard.

    hi, i am looking to connect 2 gpus into my motherboard, how do i connect the second gpu? is it possible with the p55ud3 , i think it is but not 100% sure,in the gpu specs i need pci x16 slot. in the motherboard specs ( it says 1 pci 16...
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    Is it possible/has my computer got an invisible virus?

    My laptop would appear to be running fairly hard(mildly warm and fan running fast) even without any CPU intensive applications(only google chrome and word). I have cleaned the dust out and it has not made any difference. When I use photoshop or solidworks it does not seem to be running too much...
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    my headset is not working in asus laptop

    My laptop hanged and our IT reinstall the windows system 8.1 on it. I discovered that as I used my headset, it cannot detect my headset. Please help me what to do about this.
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    Getting less fps in Skyrim after enabling sli

    Hi guys, Didn't notice until recently, but when I tested the performance with skyrim using two gtx 980's i found that the fps was significantly lower than when using just a single gpu. I reset skyrim to its vanilla state, and I found that the performance remained no different. The only possible...
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    NW driver problem

    Hi all, I lost my Wifi Driver of my Dell 15 3000 for windows 8.1 64 bit & couldnt able to find the correct driver. My hardwar
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    Worried two important questions about upgrading

    1.So im considering currently getting a new graphics card and power supply which is EVGA GeForce GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2. and a Corsair CP-9020048-UK Builder Series CX 600W Power Supply. Will they fit into my case...
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    can i run 2014-2018 games with GT 740 ?

    hello my system specs are cpu- intel core i3 2120@3.3ghz ram- 4x4 8gb dual channel ddr3 1333mhz twinmos mb-ASUS P8 h61 MLX3 r2.0 gpu-msi geforce gt 740 2gb ddr5 afterburner edition monitor- samsung led 1366x768 res so can i play all the upcoming next gen pc games at mid high settings with these...
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    Need some advice on gaming rig upgrade

    Hi, I'm upgrading my gaming rig shortly and I'm looking for some advice on what parts to upgrade, and what parts to leave alone for now. I'd like to spend around $600 or less on the new parts seeing how the current parts in my pc are brand new besides the gfx card Right now I'm using 60Hz...
  19. ImPrettyIrish

    Case Question (probably really easy)

    Hi there, I was wondering if there was a case like the bitfenix Prodigy that supports ATX motherboards? Thanks in advance!
  20. apcs13

    GTX 770 & Major Issues

    The other day when I turned on my new PC, immediately the fans on my Gigabyte GTX 770 went full blast which they never do and nothing displayed on the screen. The system wouldn't turn off by the button either, so I had to switch off the PSU. This happened many times. I fiddled with the internals...