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  1. J

    Question RX 470 does not work with Intel systems?

    Hello friends I’m new here and I have a REALLY confusing hardware problem, so this is a gonna a bit long. tl;dr, I think my RX 470 is locked to Ryzen systems and will not work with Intel systems. Context: From the Philippines. I bought my girlfriend an RX 470 that she could use in her new...
  2. P

    Question Sapphire NITRO RX 470 Code 43 error, with or without drivers after flashing stock BIOS for Samsung memory

    Hi, I have bought a used RX 470 which shows no signal when drivers are installed. Now, I have flashed a BIOS proper enough, so that when I install drivers, it does not show no signal, but now shows a Code 43 error. I have tried to reach out to Sapphire tech support, to no avail. What should I do...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] RX 470 drivers problem

    Hello everyone! So I recently got my hands on RX 470 strix 4GB second hand. I have had alredy RX 480 sapphire inside my PC and i wanted to try Crossfire. After I installed drivers for both of them my old RX 480 seems to work well, while new RX 470 gives 0 Mhz clock reads both in GPU-Z and...
  4. mrmurtaza

    [SOLVED] Computer Crashes Randomly

    My computer is crashing randomly, sometimes it gives Error Code and sometimes it just restarts. The Error Code I have received are Kmode Exception Not Handled, Page Fault in Non-Pages Area, IRQL Not Less or Equal etc... I have played some games with High Graphic, and these are working fine...
  5. FrankR123


    hi i want to buy this gpu https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/MINING-RX470-4G/ but i have heard some people saying that these gpus can't be used for gaming and stop working after a while because they are optimized for mining and only have 4 mosfets while gaming gpus have 6-8. i also guess that...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] New graphics card no display

    I just bought a rx 470 and it showed no display when connected to DVI and HDMI port. One of the ram slots is also broken. I think I need to buy a new motherboard. What motherboard is the cheapest and best motherboard for 2nd generation Intel processor. I've also checked it on other monitor and...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Faulty GPU, PSU, or Motherboard?

    A while ago i purchased an ex-mining RX 470 Red Devil for my PC. It works just fine, fans spinning, good fps, no stuttering, 60-70 Celcius temperature, etc. About a month later, the fans stop spinning but the gpu still posting and i still play games with it.I strapped a single 120mm normal...
  8. novaksibalic7

    [SOLVED] PSU not strong enough to power RX 470 Nitro+ ?

    So i recently bought used RX 470 Nitro+ from a trusted and verified seller with the best ratings on site. The GPU uses one 8 pin connector, which my PSU doesn't have so i used 2x6 to 8 pin adapter. After installing the latest drivers and restarting PC my screen was low resolution and desktop was...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Does Asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0 Mobo have Pcie 3.0 or not?

    I recently upgraded to a 470 from GTX 660 and while going through Gpu-z i saw instead of Pcie 3 it was shown as running @ x2 1.1 and in hwinfo Pcie 3 (8GT/s ) @ x2 (5GT/s). This mobo has Pcie 3 advertised but in actuality does it only have 2.0 ? If it is does will it have significant impact on...
  10. Karim_Eka18

    Question Can My Supply Run RX 470 ?

    Can i get away with this RX 470 into my system for a month or two till i get a better PSU ? Can i undervolt the GPU using wattman or afterburner to achieve what i want ? The GPU model is XFX Radeon RX 470 Graphics Card Black/Red My System Specs and Wattage With The RX 470 My PSU Specs
  11. ZMI_FSX

    [SOLVED] Dead RX470 went back alive after days or hours

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. So these few weeks I've been having a problem with my Powerdevil RX470 4 GB. My full spec: Core 2 Quad Q8400 Dell Optiplex 755 motherboard 8 GB of RAM 160GB x 3 HDD Cooler Master MWE 500 So, previously I've been using GTX 650 and its all fine. After I installed...
  12. A

    Question Aywun 800w ok for rx 470?

    Hi there, Just wondering if an Aywun A1-8000 can power my RX 470 4GB system. If it helps it has 26 amps onthe 12v rail. Specs: i5 4670 H81-E34 10GB 1333mhz RX 470 4GB Aywun A1-8000 500GB HDD Leaper Pro RGB case Rgb cooler
  13. J

    [SOLVED] CORN Electronics RX570 4GB: Is It An RX470 Flashed?

    As the title states the question. Bought it off NewEgg. Ran AMD Driver Detection software, and it recognized it as such. Ran Superposition Benchmark, during the test it says it is an RX570, but at the test results page calls it a RX460/470. Popped the fan off, and got 215-0876204 at the bottom...
  14. Younessmar

    Question Radeon rx 470 asus strix 4Go crashing

    Hi, i've recently bought a midrange pc gamer with these specs : used rx 470 4Go asus strix I7 4790k 4Ghz 8 Go RAM 1600Mh Psu 400 watt Os windows 10 64bit All drivers and the system are updated I have big issues with my graphic card it shows often artifacts and sometimes system crash or freeze...
  15. S

    Question Will this PSU handle RX 570 4 GB or RX 470 4 GB?

    I have a 650W PSU - View: https://imgur.com/hXLjmkc (most probably something made in China). So far, it runs my current setup just fine, the PSU itself runs for a seventh year. Because of the brand (and what I have read on other sites), I'm a little worried about if it will handle the card...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] RX 470 4gb bottleneck

    I have I3-3220 and plan to upgrade my GPU from GT 1030 to RX 470 4gb, it l bottleneck or what? I have FSP 500watts
  17. Natsuiko

    [SOLVED] Accidentally forget to connect GPU 6-pins can kill the Graphics card?

    Hi guys. This is the first time i posted. I need your help guys about my GPU. Flashback my system was running fine. But i disassemble some parts to test my old rig after that i turn back all the parts but to much excited i forgot to put the 6 pins for the GPU which is RX 470 so i boot it up...
  18. C

    Question RX 470 4GB

    I'm about to buy this model but my friend said that it will not last long for it's durability is not that good or it may fail immediately, I just want to know what you think of this. Is is true or what?
  19. P

    [SOLVED] RX570 4gb VS RX480 8gb

    Ok so i can buy a used RX 570 4gb for $160 or I can buy a RX480 8GB which has been mined on for $180... The card ran from September to June.. IT was said to have run at 45C and the core clock reduced is what I was told... Which would you buy? This graphics card will be paired with a I7-2600...
  20. hoangvietha

    Question RX 470 trouble

    Recenly, I've bought a RX 470, everything is fine while I'm not play game, but when I open a game, the game crash, sometimes everything crash and my monitor like old TV when it lost signal: drive.google.com/file/d/1H9GGSm4HMu7VFdwY3YXZN_poEKiLvfmH/view?usp=drivesdk My specs: I5 3470 4GB RAM RX...
  21. kevinstyles

    Computer died this morning, need help determining which part to replace.

    Hello and Merry Christmas. I went to wake my computer up this morning, the mouse lit up and so did the motherboard and fans for half a second and then black. I went to turn the power on again after unplugging it and plugging it back in; the fans lit up for half a second and then again nothing...