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  1. Ionics.

    [SOLVED] Can I safely use RX 470 and Xeon E3 1240 v2 on a Dell Optiplex 9010 motherboard?

    Current specs Optiplex 9010 motherboard (don't know model number msinfo doesn't show anything) 275 WATT PSU i3 3220 3.30ghz GTX 1050ti Want to upgrade to 500 WATT PSU Xeon 1240 v2 Rx 470 4GB 500 WATT PSU While keeping the same motherboard. Is it possible and is it safe?
  2. R

    Question RX 470 thermal pad thickness ?

    What is the thickness for thermal pads on rog strix rx 470 ? i dont have any on my card and i think thats why my oc is crashing and idk why when i put higher core voltage on my oc my core clock starts fluctuating and my temps are good low 70c
  3. n8than26

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU (RX 470 Mining Edition) capable of 144hz?

    Greetings! I have a newbie question.. So I have an old mining GPU that I use for at least 3 years for now.. It's a Powercolor RX 470 Red Dragon Mining Edition that only have 1 DVI-D Output, and I'm using an DVI-D to HDMI Adapter.. I've been using it for Editing videos and competitive gaming...
  4. J

    Question RX 470 does not work with Intel systems?

    Hello friends I’m new here and I have a REALLY confusing hardware problem, so this is a gonna a bit long. tl;dr, I think my RX 470 is locked to Ryzen systems and will not work with Intel systems. Context: From the Philippines. I bought my girlfriend an RX 470 that she could use in her new...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Decent PSU for Rs.4500

    Hi I live India and I'm looking for a decent alternative to the CX 450 under Rs.4500, as it's out of stock and the seller has no idea when it'll be in stock. My specs are: i5-2400 2 x 4gb ddr3 RX 470 7200rpm HDD My other options currently are Cooler Master MWE 450, Antec ATOM and VP550P...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Dell OEM RX 570 or 470

    So I'm currently assembling a new computer to flip and I found a good deal on a Dell OEM AMD RX 470 4GB card for about $78 shipped. The shipper then later told me it's actually an RX 570 4GB, which seems like a good thing. But when I installed the card into my personal system, download the AMD...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] New graphics card no display

    I just bought a rx 470 and it showed no display when connected to DVI and HDMI port. One of the ram slots is also broken. I think I need to buy a new motherboard. What motherboard is the cheapest and best motherboard for 2nd generation Intel processor. I've also checked it on other monitor and...
  8. M


    In my area the price of RX 570 is just equal to the price of GTX 1050 and rx 470(used) but in performance rx 570 is a beast as compared to gtx 1050 and so i was a bit suspicious why such a good card is so cheap? can u guys tell me what the catch here..........
  9. OmerSheeru

    Question Underperformance in games

    I own an rx 470, and when i play games, it just bare bones gives out 30-40fps when it should be giving 60fps...cpu is not bottlenecking...gpu usage is fine...but it just doesn't change performance even after overclocking...i know my way around a pc, but i can't seem to figure this out, temps are...
  10. A

    Question Aywun 800w ok for rx 470?

    Hi there, Just wondering if an Aywun A1-8000 can power my RX 470 4GB system. If it helps it has 26 amps onthe 12v rail. Specs: i5 4670 H81-E34 10GB 1333mhz RX 470 4GB Aywun A1-8000 500GB HDD Leaper Pro RGB case Rgb cooler
  11. S

    Question PSU RX 470

    can this PSU work with RX 470? https://www.google.com/search?q=extreme+2+525&rlz=1C1CHBF_enMY843MY843&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYl5rxspHjAhUn8XMBHT-SBQgQ_AUIECgB&biw=1920&bih=888#imgrc=5Zlmhw_uzRFA4M: My rig= i5 3450 , 4gb ram x2, 1TB HDD, thats all.
  12. R

    Question My GPU rx 470 and my psu have no compatibility?

    I have a problem with my GPU and it is not all the time, but if in some games it crashes, the pc does not turn off, and all devices are still on, but it loses the video and does not respond, like the keyboard and the mouse remain on but doing nothing, my question is this, I have two psu, 600 w...
  13. C

    Question RX 470 4gb

    Is it okay to buy a 2nd hand RX 470 4gb? like the owner used it for 1yr+ or less without overclock?
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Is this Power Supply good enough for my Computer?

    I'm planning to buy this Power Supply. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014W3EMAO/ref=psdc_1161760_t3_B01LYGJL0E?th=1 If anyone knows does it have 8 pin. If it doesn't i'll just buy 8 pin. My question is should I buy that power supply for my pc? Specs: i7-2600k GPU: Amd MSI RADEON RX 470 Will...
  15. M

    Question Will This RX 470 work on my pc?

    I'm planning to buy the AMD MSI Radeon RX 470 Armor 4GB, my motherboard is hewlett packard 1494 and my cpu is i7-2600k and also I might buy the AMD Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Nitro, will both of them fit/
  16. M

    Question Will the RX 470 fit my Motherboard?

    I want to buy the radeon rx 470 gaming gpu with the hewlett packard 1494, my cpu is i7 2600. Will it fit?
  17. R

    Question Asus H81M-C/CSM and Haswell refresh cpus

    I bought a Asus H81M-C/CSM motherboard used off of ebay because it has a parallel printer port and have intentions of using it for driving a small cnc machine. Its been my experience that the h81 chipsets have pretty good latency when using linuxcnc for realtime software stepping. My issue is i...
  18. RogueB

    [SOLVED] Can i get this any cheaper at similar performance?

    build: PC list Amazon
  19. Pandorable

    Question Should I buy this desktop to stream?

    I would like to start streaming games but I only have a gaming laptop with a nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 card and intel i7-7700HQ core. So, I decided to buy a PC under a $2000 budget. Do you think the custom build PC by Aftershock is capable of streaming live on Twitch? The PC specs: View...
  20. Z

    my laptop dont use its full GPU 4GB

    my laptop (Acer nitro 5. i7-7700HQ 2.80Hz . 16 GB RAM . NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB) cant run games above 30 fps and the task manager says that my laptop detect only 0.9 GB of 4GB from my gpu. what should i do :(
  21. D

    GTX 950 is handleable?

    i have a 2005 pc with dua intel2 with X8 space for extras, i made a mistake made me go to windows 10 so i cant play most low engine games like roblox cuz i have Q35 chipest family so i cant play but i wanted to buy GTX 950 would it handle so i can countinue in my pc? (note idk if it 2005 pc )
  22. Gdot

    1080 ti or 2080

    I recently brought a 1080 ti for £740 now i have seen the price drop quite a bit and also the price i paid for the 1080 ti i could get a 2080. is it worth sending back the 1080 ti for the 2080? just wanted some help regarding my slight dilemma Thanks in advance
  23. F

    FX 6300 upgrade to?

    Hello and thanks in advance for your time and help reading this thread, I have an AMD FX 6300 Black Edition Overclock to 4.3ghz, 8 GB of ram DDR3 21xx, the video card is an asus astrix R7 380 4gb overclock, a 4tb HDD and an aftermarket fan for the CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212, everything runs...
  24. 6

    M.2 and a question

    Why does an M.2 B+M key cost less than a M.2 M key?
  25. Y

    I start my game and it runs well, but slows down.

    So, i launch a game (usually csgo) i do an fps benchmark inside of the game, first time after launching it average framerate is like 300 and after 1-2 hours it is only 100. My cpu and gpu temps are fine, and i do not have a virus. Please help me.
  26. K

    Can I use two different GPUs?

    Hello I was wondering if it is possible to use both my old MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 together with my ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Phoenix. My motherboard is the ASUS Prime Z-370 p
  27. W

    Is this gaming pc good?

    is this 650eur gaming pc good? Will it run 1080p pubg, fortnite and other games? https://imgur.com/a/w2rUCsj Will everything fit and there will be no promblems with it? Any minuses in this?
  28. T

    PCIe SSD Compatibility

    Would I be able to use a Kingston Technology SSD A1000 (SA1000M8/240G) 240 GB Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, PCIe NVMe with a Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Motherboard?
  29. A

    Constant freezing on windows 10 installation from a uusb drive

    as the title says i have been having alot of issues over the past week trying to get my pc to work. when i first built my pc i managed to install windows 10 just fine but soon after that i started getting freezes on my pc when everything locks up and i cant move anything. the pc is still...
  30. J

    Is it safe to put a mechanical HDD on a caddy with the ASUS K555L?

    Resorted to finding another way to fix my friends laptop. I've seen a video wherein he added a secondary drive (an SSD) using a caddy however he said that I shouldn't but using a mechanical HDD because for some reason, the K555L cuts power to it.
  31. A

    AMD cpu fan

  32. N

    Confirmation on dead CPU?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right thread to ask or someone already gone through this or I just literally answered my own question. TL;DR question at bottom. My build is: Asus Z270H motherboard i7 7700K GTX 1080 Strix 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 C16 2x8GB EVGA 550 Gold (am...
  33. K

    new am4 mobo

    Is the Gigabyte Socket AM4 GA-AB350M-DS3H GLan Audio Raid good for my ryzen 2200g system. Can i overclock
  34. B

    Monitors on 2nd GPU aren't detected

    Hi All, I am trying to troubleshoot an issue that I am having with hooking up 6 monitors to 2 separate GPUs. I have 2 1050 GPUs and I can hookup 4 monitors on 1 gpu, but I can't get the other 2 monitors to work on the 2nd GPU. I even swapped the GPUs and tried it, same result happened, so the...
  35. D

    Upgrading my Processor

    Hi All, I have been wanting to upgrade my Processor for a while now, I was just wondering what is the best processor I can get (£100-£175) for my specs below i.e that will fot my motherboard and case etc. Specs: Chillblast Fusion Warrior Gaming PC AMD X4 860K 3.7Ghz Processor 16GB RAM 1TB HDD...
  36. B

    Fifa 12 requirements

    Plz tell me i have core 2 duo 1.8 ghz 3gb of ram windows 8 and 256 mb of video card memory and i want to play fifa 12 without lag i want to play it without lag pls tell me
  37. Tyler LM

    CenturyLink internet fluctuations

    Just got CenturyLink and already have horrible fluctuations from the 10 Mb/s I should get all the way down to 100 Kb/s.. Mostly under 2-5 Mb/s and 150+ ping along with websites not loading and connection issues.. In CMD with command tracert www.google.com I got this...
  38. J

    I have tried Repeater set-up without success

    Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to set up a Repeater bridge for months and have used nearly every instruction that I can find and nothing has worked except for one time I had it working for about 3 hrs but when I disconnected it would not connect by wireless or ethernet it just...
  39. M

    RAM speed for 4k video editing?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying 32gb of ram for a new i7 7820x/X299 SLI PLUS build aimed at mainly 4k video editing and a little bit of gaming. I'm wanting to get the G.Skill Trident RGB RAM, which speeds should I be looking at to perform excellently for 4k video editing in Premiere Pro and photo...
  40. D

    Can my pc run Far Cry 5?

    Hello, I recently pre-ordered Far Cry 5 Gold edition. But now I'm wondering if my pc will be able to run it, since it's quite an intensive game hardware wise I think. I've got 8gb ddr3, gtx 750 and a 2c/4t 3rd gen cpu. Thank you for you help.