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  1. G

    Question Apex Legends Crossfire AMD

    Hi all, Maybe I will do a CrossFire with x2 RX 480 4GB, my question is if you have tried to play Apex Legends with this setup and if it works?
  2. W

    Question Optiplex 3020 Power Supply and Graphics Card Upgrade

    I'm trying to upgrade my Optiplex by installing an RX 480 and a new 500 watt EVGA PSU. I'm using a 24 pin to 8 pin adapter, as I've seen people successfully do on youtube. The system worked fine before the upgrade, but now it wont post. The fans spin up, and I'm left with a blinking amber power...
  3. Hydroshot

    Question RX 480 4GB runs fine after PC restart but then starts stuttering and GPU usage fluctuates after few mins of gaming but temps are good. Please Help !

    ive been having this issue for around a month or two now, I can start playing a game, DayZ, Battlefield, PUBG for example then after about 10-15 mins of playing the GPU usage will start jumping all over the place and my game will start stuttering, the GPU temp only reaches around 75C . i can...
  4. J

    Question Black Screen when installing RX 480 Drivers

    I got an rx 480 and I get a black screen whenever I try installing the 19.4.1 drivers. It's on a fresh install of Windows 10 pro. It gets halfway through the install and goes black. After rebooting, it's still black. Does the OS need to be updated before installing or anything? Or is there...