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  1. T

    Question High Temp and High Load on RX 480

    Hello, I am having trouble with my RX 480 concerning temperature and load. I bought this rig in 10.2016 and the only changes made until today are two additional HDD's. I have two problems with my graphics card and one of them has been there since I bought it. 1. High temperature. The 480 is...

    Question Need bios for HIS RX 480 IceQ X² 4gb card

    Need bios for HIS RX 480 IceQ X² 4gb card. GPUZ database does not have any verified bios for my card, I already checked there and used one of the unverified roms and it screwed my card up. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hydroshot

    [SOLVED] How "future proof" am i for gaming?

    I have recently upgraded my PC here are my main specs: Ryzen 1600 w/ hyper 212 cooler RX 480 4 gb ( powercolor ) 8GB DDR4 2400mhz G.skill ram Antec HGC 620W psu MSI 350b pro gaming mobo I play mostly AAA titles at 1080p and i keep my settings around normal levels and i plan on doing some...
  4. B

    Info (SOLVED) Overheating Oil on VRAM - XFX RX 480 GTR Overheating Issue

    Hey guys, any time I find a bizarre solution, I'm going to start posting here to help others out. Alright so today I got in two used XFX RX 480 8GB GTR's, which are supposed to be fairly high quality as far as the 400 series goes. So I go to put these cards into gaming rigs and both of them...
  5. R

    Question Got XFX RX 480 RS, cold boot doesn't show display, however reset fixes it

    Title pretty much describes it. I bought an XFX RX 480 RS (used) and I have encountered a weird problem that I have not experienced in my old GTX 1050 Ti. Whenever it is completely shut off, and I turn it on for the first time, the displays aren't recognized and my monitors display "No signal."...
  6. Phuc Chau

    Question Can RX 480 compatible with ASUS H61 mainboard ?

    Hello, I have an Intel Core i5 3570 CPU with ASUS H61 mainboard I want to upgrade my graphics card from GTX 750Ti to ASUS RX 480 4GB Dual (I have bought an 600W PSU last month) but I'm afraid that my mainboard isn't compatible with it (I'm afraid my PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot can't deliver enough power...
  7. tenningafroggs

    Question How to Transfer Laptop wifi card to Desktop

    Hi, I have an dead laptop that i stripped for parts, however i noticed that it had a decent wifi card inside. It is an Msata connector. Is there an adapter or such so that i could use this on my desktop, which doesn't have wifi? Picture: View: http://imgur.com/a/6EdXkSB
  8. knip1112

    Question Help dxgi removed brand new pc

    Hey all, So a few days ago I bought all the parts for a gaming rig. And now no matter what I do 8 get this error and sometimes even just windows 10 will freeze up and shut down "video scheduler error". Help!!! All brand new parts: Gigabyte b450 m d3sh motherboard (Bios is latest f4)...
  9. D

    Question Reliable Drive Backup/Cloning/Mirroring Method

    I'm in search of a method to either backup or clone/mirror my hard drives so that I can recover with minimal downtime in the event of a drive failure. I would really prefer adding additional drives that are mirrored or whatever method is best so that I don't have to spend a day trying to rebuild...
  10. kanishkasandeep

    [SOLVED] GTX 980 power requirement

    My power supply has Dual Rail 12V combined power of 36Amps (18A+18A) =432W (80+certified) Brand: FSP I can't buy PSU right now..In my country High Wattage power supplies are very expensive and over priced Is that enough for Asus Strix GTX 980 to play games in stock speed ? or should I go for...
  11. K

    How can i set my nvidia graphics card as default?

    I know how to do with the nvidia control panel but can i do it without the nvidia control panel because my nvidia conrol panel isnt working and i try everything.I have a asus dual gtx 1070 but its from nvidia too.
  12. J

    M.2 not detecting

    Hello every one, I have a slight problem with my Samsung 860 evo m.2 ssd that I just installed. My pc does not detect the m.2 ssd. I have tried reformatting the ssd, but it said there are no unallocated drives. I had no luck going into my bios, still not reading the m.2 ssd. Maybie its a...
  13. S

    Advice building cheap pc

    -gigabyte ga h110m -h -intel pentium g600 -hyperx fury 8gb 2400mhz n -gtx 1050TI or 1060 -650w of psu are all part compatible? any advice? thanks
  14. B

    no raid drivers?

    Hey guys! i have been watching "tech yes city" on YouTube for a while now and finally decided to build a x58 system myself (go to the last paragraph for actual question) Specs Mobo: asus p6t ws pro Ram: 6x2gb corsair dominator 1600 ddr3 in triple channel Cpu: Xeon x5675 @stock clocks for now...
  15. D

    GTX 950 is handleable?

    i have a 2005 pc with dua intel2 with X8 space for extras, i made a mistake made me go to windows 10 so i cant play most low engine games like roblox cuz i have Q35 chipest family so i cant play but i wanted to buy GTX 950 would it handle so i can countinue in my pc? (note idk if it 2005 pc )
  16. P

    nvme ssd not working. Partition manager says nvme ssd is competing with hdd thus inactivated.

    the threads so far have not published an answer to this issue: Specs: Acer Aspire Tc855 desktop: i5 8th gen processor, 12gb ram, 2gb SATA HDD, Acer motherboard w nvme slot Goal: Have linux (kubuntu) or windows boot from my 970 EVO Samsung 256gb nvme ssd, and use the 2Terabyte SSD as storage...
  17. D

    Connect to default gateway via telnet

    Good morning, I am trying to connect via telnet to the default gateway from cmd but i am failing. The message that appears: Could not open connection to host, on port 23: Connect failed The first thing that comes to my mind is that my provider is blocking me but when I contacted with them...
  18. M

    Help with m.2

    Ok, so I want to buy an m.2 memory card. I have seen multiple videos instructing me on how to clone my current windows to the new m.3. My question is how to I delete Windows and ONLY Windows from the old hard drive after I have cloned the OS. I plan on keeping that hard drive in my pc to hold my...
  19. K

    External 4 TB won't extend stuck at 2 TB in disk management after format

    I formated an external drive. It lost all the data but the drive worked. Tried data recovery to no avail. I went ahead and formated the external and it added a MBR. Then I was left with two sections, a formated and an unallocated. Pretty much half and half. I tried to extend the first partition...
  20. T

    Upgrading and recommendations

    I want to upgrade my pc. I bought a Cyberpower pc last year with a rx580 4gb and an i5 7400 with 8gb of ram. I do not know the psu. What should I upgrade first (I want to get better frames in games such as cod or pubg)?