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  1. E

    Best Motherboard for ryzen 7 1700?

    Any suggestion for a good cheap motherboard for the ryzen 1700? I have a budget of around $100-150. Thanks!
  2. S

    Pen drive not functioning

    My pen drive is not shown in computer
  3. S

    1333 cl8 \ 1600 cl9 \ 1866 cl11

    Hi. I have a 4x2 kit of 1333 cl9 memory 1.5v with a sandy bridge processor, which can operate officially up to 1333mhz memory. I tested 3 overclock states, 1333 cl8, 1600 cl9, 1866 cl11, all with 1.55v All stable. Which one is the best option to go with a 2500k? Thx a bunch!
  4. Z

    camera spinning randomly and uncontrollably during unreal engine based games

    as the title says, i get a weird problem while im playing player unknowns battlegrounds, mostly. at random, the camera will spin extremely quickly. i thought i might have an internet problem, however, while playing the witcher 3, it does the same thing, but not quite as bad. I had my PC set up...
  5. CitrusSponge

    AMD FX to Intel?

    Alright so I'm just wondering if I should switch from the AMD FX series as I'm very limited with possible CPU upgrades. I was possibly considering Intel or Ryzen, but what's a good cheap Intel/Ryzen CPU and motherboard combo which will out perform the AMD FX 6300 while still giving me massive...
  6. B

    Which SSD NVMe M.2 Sata drive??

    Hello all. Having trouble finding a reasonably priced SSD M.2 drive. Already made the mistake of buying a PCIe version rather than a SATA. (samsung 960 evo) The drive is for the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard http://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H110%20Pro%20BTC+/index.asp#Specification Drive...
  7. D

    Dell Inspiron 17 7779. Keyboard problem

    Inspiron 17 7779 ESC , f4 ,f5 ,f6 not working.
  8. P

    Give a free windows 10 to a friend?

    Hello, my college gives us free windows 10 keys among other things, and a friend of mine needs one. I don't know if they can somehow control cases of sharing or selling those free products. Should I give him a key or there will be complications?
  9. J

    Brand new Asus i7 rog laptop blue screening within an hour of use?!

    I have just bought my brand new asus i7 rog from John Lewis online. I finished installing avg security and just opened Facebook and it blue screened and showed this failure "bad pool caller" After automatically restarting I logged back in and restored my tabs only for it to blue screen...
  10. S

    R558U i5 7th gen 4 gb ram

    It responds 3 seconds after i click
  11. V

    Computer has been acting slow, RAM issue, failing HDD, or something else?

    Hello everyone, Around a month ago I began to have issues with my computer. Whenever I used a process heavy program or game it would begin to act up. At that point, I was only experiencing short hang ups and a slightly slower system response time, nothing that really seemed all that serious...
  12. P

    4K, 1080p 144 or 60

    I know this has been discussed a bit but I can't find a definite answer to my situation. I currently have a 1080p 60hz monitor. My rig is a i7 4790k, 8GB DDR3 1600, GTX 1080ti GPU. I've tried my rig on my 4K tv - 4k just didn't seem to have good enough frame rate on some games but was...
  13. D

    Cable Modem & Network Hub

    I have an Arris cable modem/router with four network ports. I have a computer, xbox and printer connected directly to the router. The fourth port is connected to another network switch that is connected to three computers and a plotter. My sons xbox is loosing network connection on a regular...
  14. K

    Will 1050ti bottleneck ryzen 5 1400

    Guys i have ryzen 5 1400 and a gtx 1050ti , and i want to play AAA titles above 60fps at 1080p? So is there any bottlenecking issues
  15. P

    Finding A Motherboard For Ryzen 3!

    I am planning to get a Ryzen 3 but i am not sure if the Asus PRIME B250M-K Intel supports it. if not would a MSI B250M GAMING PRO Intel B250 support it? (I am very noob at pc, i know it says intel but i'm still wondering if it would work) if none of these work can someone suggest one?
  16. J

    Problems with PCIE 6/8pins

    Hi guys, so i bought a GTX 1060 and it has a 8 pin conector, the thing is that my psu(Sentey sty60-ps) has only one 6 pin cable. What should I do? Buy a new psu? Use an adaptor? Or is there another solution? Like adding a 2 pin cable or something else. Thanks
  17. A

    need a graphic card

    ps: budget 12000inr my pc build : processor Intel Core i5-6400 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.30 GHz) hardisk wd 2tb mobo Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Socket LGA 1151 Motherboard (Black) ram HyperX FURY Black 4GB 2133MHz DDR4 Non-ECC CL14 DIMM psu Corsair CP-9020098-UK VS Series VS650 650 Watt just need...
  18. S

    will it work

    will i5 7400k work on Gigabyte Ga-H110M-Gaming 3 Lga1151 Intel H110 Hdmi Micro Atx Ddr4?
  19. P

    Screen issues when increasing hertz

    I built this computer and bought the screen about a year and a half ago Maybe 8 months into gaming i started getting this purple taint to the right of the screen, this was at 144 hertz They dissapeared when i lowered it to 120 hertz but now they started appearing again so I lowered to 100 to...
  20. G

    Can this mobo handle GTX1050?

    Hey everyone! i have a G41MT-S2P it's a Socket 775 board so bit old but nvm i have question: can this motherboard hold a gtx1050ti? i have right now a DX10 card and idk if it can handle DX11 / 12 card thanks!!! :)