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  1. Padddyy

    Question Pc studdering

    Hi, my pc is studdering (freezing) while gaming for about 1-3 seconds every about 30 seconds. I have all the new drivers and have reinstalled them multiple times. PC specs: Ryzen 7 5700x MSI RADEON RX 6600 Mech 2x 8gb ROG strix b550-f gaming WiFi ii Gigabyte p750gm F4-3200C16D-32GTZN Could...
  2. D

    Question AMD RX 6600 not working with index?

    Recently I moved from an Nvidia card to an AMD 6600, I used DDU to uninstall all my drivers then installed the AMD drivers, everything works fine except for my Index which shows no display, I can confirm it works through direct view showing the index tracking on my desktop. I uninstalled and...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] AMD graphics driver keeps crashing

    I finished building a new PC and after booting onto the PC and downloading the AMD graphics drivers, I get an error after like 2 minutes saying there was a timeout and the drivers would be in safe mode. GPU: AMD RX 6600 CPU: ryzen 5 4500 And the screen keeps going black every few seconds and...
  4. bjohn93

    Question Cooling Options for Hyte Revolt 3

    Working on a build for air cooling a Hyte Revolt 3. I've got a few Noctua A12x25 120mm fans laying around. Would use 2 for intake on the bracket side I think. Questions are, could I squeeze two more on the front side between the panel and GPU for intake as well? Would mounting 1 0r 2 80mms fan...
  5. xXRainbowXx24

    Question Rx 6600 Core clock dont go up in small games

    Hi First of all sry about my englisch skill they are not the best. ^^ My Problem is when i play games like (LOL , Monster hunter rise , Tekken 7 , Destiny 2 , DBFZ , Guilty Gears , Temtem) (Most Problems in LOL ) or somthing else my gpu´s clock dont raise up i try some things allrdy but...
  6. mosspit

    [SOLVED] "Check Signal Cable" after installing new Graphics Card (Nvidia to AMD)

    So I recently installed a new graphics card and I decided to test it out. However, the monitor only shows; "Check Signal Cable" with an "Analog" option in the bottom. Here are some things you should know; -Switching brands from Nvidia (GTX 1650) to AMD (RX 6600) -I have not uninstalled the...
  7. mandeepsandhu

    Question AMD Sapphire RMA Service

    Hi Friends. I have just brought AMD Sapphire RX 6600 From Amazon India but now My card is giving me problems. Whenever I open any game My PC shuts Down. Now Just want to Know How is Sapphire Service or RMA Service in India. If anyone have ever used their service please share your experience
  8. mandeepsandhu

    Question AMD RX 6600 Drivers Time out ( Hardware issue or Software Issue)??

    Yesterday I Bought a Brand New Sapphire AMD RX 6600 and it is giving me a lot of trouble. As long as I am using it for simple work like browsing, watching videos or using a PC for daily work, for that time it does not give any trouble. It is working fine for hours. But as soon as I launch any...
  9. hammad1700

    Question RX 6600 not giving display/post on another PC

    Hello, i am currently trying to get an RX 6600 gigabyte eagle to work with a different build The issue is when i power on the system it gives no display/post It previously had a gtx 1060 gigabyte which works just fine The Rx 6600 also works because i tested it in another build and works...
  10. yuka

    Question Are there any differences between these two cards, or is it just the brand ?

    So i have an i5 9400f and 8x2 2666mhz. I would like to know, between these 2 cards, which one would be better ? XFX RX 6600 Speedster SWFT 210 MSI RX 6600 Mech 2X 8G
  11. G

    Question Need advice for GPU, help friends

    I found for 350 euros, MSI RX 6600 MECH OC x2 8GB. Does this particular model have some problems?(Overheating, loud fans) Will it be decent for low settings 144fps on Apex, Pubg. etc. CPU r5 2600, will upgrade to 5600 or 5600x. B450 Tomahawk mobo non max, 16gb 3200mhz.