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  1. M

    Question A68HM EZ.DEBUG stuck on vga

    Recently decided to upgrade to ryzen 5, I got a new motherboard and put my old graphics card and new cpu on and encountered a few problems so I determined the motherboard was to blame, so I ordered a new one and I was going to wait and just use my old set up, but upon reinstalling the graphics...
  2. R

    Question Graphical glitches/instability with RX 460

    Hello everyone, My friend gave me a normal looking RX 460, except he told me that it was having artifacting problems once the AMD drivers installs. Also that the previous owner before him used the card to "mine cryptos". So first thing I do is give the card a good clean and changed the thermal...
  3. mehmetfh16

    Question RX 460 No Signal

    Hello all. I cleaned the equipment yesterday morning. I cleaned the video card, RAM, motherboard and CPU Fan (I didn't clean the case because I'm going to buy a new one that's wider than two days) and then put the hardware back in place. Everything is fine, I'm playing Forza Horizon 3 (I played...
  4. SSKK12

    Question will my pc explode?

    CPU: I3 3240 Motherboard: asus h61m-k Ram: crucial 1600mhz 4gb GPU: XFX RX 460 4gb dual fan PSU: Bysou ATX 500w OS: Windows 10 x64 recently installed xfx rx460 which doesnt require external power. my psu pic here https://ibb.co/MMBwzHK it has only +12v 18A pc has been running ok. one new...
  5. SSKK12

    [SOLVED] motherboard only supplying 50w to Rx 460?

    CPU: I3 3240 Motherboard: asus h61m-k Ram: crucial 1600mhz 4gb GPU: XFX RX 460 4gb dual fan PSU: Bysou ATX 500w OS: Windows 10 x64 So, i recently upgraded to rx 460. it is a wolf edition xfx so i doesn't require additional power But i know that it need 75W from motherboard. when monitoring the...
  6. D

    Question What is that white stuff around the microchips?

    My friend sent me this photo of his RX 460. He told me it's been overheating for the last days and now it doesn't even boot. He opened his graphic and saw this weird thing. I looked at other pictures of that card and i didn't see the same. View: https://i.imgur.com/E8DIz7n.jpg
  7. J

    XMP not working HyperX 3600mhz

    Hello, When I enable XMP in my BIOS, my pc won’t start 2 out of 3 times. It takes me to the BIOS and says “boot failure detected”. My memory is Kingston HyperX 16gb 3600mhz. According to the specs, my motherboard can handle 3600mhz, and the memory is in the QVL list. So now I need to play at...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Can I have a GTX 1050Ti with a generic PSU?

    I have an athlon 200ge with a generic psu acteck 500w, I was wondering if this is enough to ad a GTX 1050 or 1050Ti Full specs of my pc: athlon 200ge acteck psu 500w 1tb western digital hardrive 7200rpm 8gb ram ddr4 2133MHz Gigabyte motherboard A320
  9. E

    Screen Blacks out, Fans become very loud. PLEASE HELP

    Hi, if you're read the title, you would know that I need help. Whenever I run any GPU intensive games, like Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Seige, Destiny 2, my monitor blacks out and my GPU fans become very loud. I don't even get to play, the game, as soon as the game...
  10. ak.yamato

    Check SignalCable Issue

    Good Day to all. This is the scenario, On my Desktop, while i was typing some codes on my Notepad++, my PC went into black screen with message usually got from the monitor saying "No Connection, Check Signal Cable", although i can still hear the system unit is still powered on, i also noticed...
  11. bremkins

    GPU to pair with i7 8700K

    Hello guys, I just sold my 1080 GTX because I play CS:GO 99,99% of time and I really don't need that high performance card. I was wondering what would be a good option for CS:GO. I was thinking about 1050, but some people didn't recommend it at all... what are your suggestions? I play 1080p @...
  12. R

    not sure where to install NVMe board

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 and samsung 970 EVO NVMe m.2. I can't tell where I'm supposed to install it out of the 3 slots. The only other card that will be installed will be the video card. There will also be a dvd drive and 3 ssds installed. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Rut
  13. S

    My GPU Driver

    I need help! I can't install my GPU new driver. It says...The graphic driver could not find compatible graphic hardware.
  14. E

    Thinkinh about buying GPU

    Currently this is my pc: Ryzen 5 1600 Gtx 1060 8Ram Ssd 150gb Gigabyte ab350dm Motherboard Now which one will be worth upgrading or is it worth at all? I would like to play games on higher fps since I have a 144hz monitor (supports amd freesync), so I'm not really able to get as much with my...
  15. ZoRiii

    i5-3570 feels like Core 2 Duo

    I don't know why, but I use the same graphics card (GT 1030) and hard drive (WD Blue w/ 1TB) as I did with my old Inspiron with a Core 2 Duo. The only difference is the type of ram. The thing is, it is still slow, like loading pictures, or opening the file explorer would take about the same my...
  16. H

    How to format USB flash disk

    Format USB flash disk, PC said " Windows can't format raw disk "
  17. L

    Arm Plans To Make Edge Machine Learning Ubiquitous

    Arm launched Project Trillium, a trifecta formed by a machine learning processor, an object detection processor, and a neural network software development kit to boost the chips' performance even further. Arm Plans To Make Edge Machine Learning Ubiquitous : Read more
  18. M

    Is there any way to make BIOS accept an incompatible CPU?

    I have a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4 with 4GB RAM and the original Pentium 4 CPU. Of course this isn't a daily use computer, but I could get a lot more out of it if I got rid of the horrible CPU and put in a Core 2 Quad or Extreme, for example. Today they go for like 10 bucks. Since the...
  19. L

    Western Digital or Seagate Hard Drive?

    I want to get a 2TB HDD and I've heard that Seagate often break. Is this true? And I might want a SSHD instead but only Seagate make them?
  20. Ali Tauseef

    Windows 10 home shutting down programs

    I'm sick of seeing programs being shut down when I leave my computer idle for a while. For example I leave my computer open to go have lunch and coming back to realize it. I can't even have some of the programs re-running in the background like my Anti-Virus and Nvidia Geforce Exp. I record...