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  1. Syzhar

    Question PCIE Didnt detected GPU but its powering it up

    I just bought Sapphire RX470 4GB OC when i connect it for the first time it works but the fan spinning so fast, im afraid to continue to use it and try to replace the thermal paste that turned out to be dry af. after i change the thermal, i connect it again and its powering up, the fan spin and...
  2. usm4nq

    Question Display turns black showing no signal while gaming

    Hello everyone, i assembled a budget pc. everything was working fine. booted up windows installed some games. it was giving good fps with low temps. when one day after windows updated my pc started crashing while gaming. there was no error message only black screen with no signal text. i took...
  3. I

    Question gpu core clock going up and down

    hey i have an msi armor rx 470 4gb and since i got it i checked msi afterburnerr and when im doing simple tasks like internet browsing the gpu core clock starts increasing and deacreasing i dont know if this is bad. it only happens in light tasks and not while gaming.
  4. M

    Question Gpu spinning for awhile then stop,constantly. also no display

    So i just bought GPU its RX 470 and got it installed right away into my pc. (oh yeah it only has DVI output so i put dvi to vga converter) but i only got 6 pin power so i convert it from 2x6 pin power to 8 pin power. When i start my pc the gpu is spinning at low rpm, then it stopped. Doing...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] rx570 4gb vs gtx 1060 3gb

    Which used graphics card is the better deal? I can get a gtx 1060 3gb for $90 Canadian. Its got a blower style cooler. or RX570 for $90 CAD. I might be able to get the RX570 for $80. The computer will have 8gb of ram
  6. vtdz0000

    Question VGA error rx 470

    I dont know what is this problem, someone help me! @@ View: https://imgur.com/a/yBPBexk
  7. L

    Question Asus Strix RX470 can't be detected by motherboard

    Hello, im having a problem here. So my GPU somehow doesn't want to work, whenever I turn my PC on, it just directly use my onboard Vega 8. After some research, finally I notice that even my GPU is attached to the Pci-e slot, my motherboard couldn't detect it (it says the slot is empty). At...
  8. G

    I have a problem.

    Hello. I am new here, but I followed this website as a lurker. I would like your help. The whole year my pc worked fine until today. Yesterday it worked perfectly fine. This morning when I started up my pc as usual, it suddenly shut down and restarted. After I pressed the start button again, it...