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    Question Radeon RX560 screen flicker on Windows

    Hey guys, I'll start by giving the specs to my PC that I put together, CPU: Core i5-3470 GPU: Radeon RX560 , 4GB Storage: 128GB SSD + 500GB HDD RAM: 8GB (8x1) PSU: 350 Watt OS: Windows 10 1903 running with the latest drivers from AMD for the GPU I've been facing screen flickering while I am...
  2. D

    Question PC shuts down after I turn it on

    Hello! Last night I've tried to update my GPU's (RX 560 4GB) driver, when suddenly the computer froze down fully. After a long waiting time I shut down with the power button on the case, then it didn't want to turn back on. When I turn the PSU off and back on, the PC starts (LEDs are on, fans...
  3. M

    Question Converting HP 8300 USDT into a 4k Editing PC

    I need a 4k editing PC. I have budget to buy a laptop like Dell XPS 15 with I7-9750H & GT1650ti. However I am planning to wait for another year until ice lake CPUs are out (H series). Because I keep it longer once I invest in it. Hope it is worth the wait. In the interim, planning to tweak my...
  4. C

    Question need a new card to run vr

    currently have a cheap setup runs with a rx560 needs to upgrade to run vr what's a good card that can be paired to my PC CPU is AMD ryzen 3 2300x quad core processor core clock is at 1196mhz and monitor is off my TV so its 1080 but dont know if the vr needs 4k or something new to vr it's the...
  5. F

    Question Computer only shows display with rx560 but not with r9 290 or rx 480.

    Hello I am asking for help because I'm stuck. So I was trying to upgrade my friends pc with a better graphics card but when installing the ASUS r9 290 and plugging in the display port and turning it on nothing came up on the display but the computer turns on and the fans spin on the card. I...
  6. Return-of-the-Mac

    Question 4GB GPU for a 240W SFF system - RX560 LP vs GTX 1050Ti LP?

    I'm working on a build based on a restored Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, and I'm not sure what graphics card would be more suitable for it. After looking around, I feel confident that I can narrow down my choices to the MSI low profile versions of both the RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti, both of which appear...
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    Question will 600w psu be enough rx 560?

    So i've been planning to upgrade my graphics card and buy an RX 560. My question is will a 600w psu enough for the GPU. Specs: CPU - AMD FX-8320 HDD - SATA 1TB Motherboard - ASRock 990 Pro3.0 I don't know much about PCs. Sorry for my bad English
  8. Pythonbites

    Question How far could I push the GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 MSI Aero OC in overclocking?

    (This is not my main card) So I have a spare GT 1030 OC edition, and for fun and educational purposes, i would like to know how much can i overclock it so i can learn how to OC a Graphics card and for fun. Thanks for any help.
  9. P

    Is Biostar A70MGP-LSP compatible with gtx 1050 ti?

    this might be a stupid quiestion but im not that tech savvy as the rest of y'all and ive googled this question and nothing comes up. im planning on upgrading my GPU. is my motherboard compatible? if not pls recommend me a good cheap motherboard that's compatible with both 1050ti and i3 8100...
  10. A

    How to hook an integrated amp to a AV receiver?

    Sir, I have a home theatre set up with marantz ud5007 player as source, a pioneer vsx823 AVR and a 5.1 speaker system with Boston A360 front,Boston A225 centre, Boston A26 rear and Astonia DF10 subwoofer. As I purchased a maranrtz pm6006 integrated amp for dedicated stereo music I need an advice...