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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Boots Straight into Windows, Cannot Enter Bios - No Bios Splash Screen

    Hello, I just got a B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard. When I turn the computer on it boots immediately into Windows with the CPU fan at full speed(cpu temps are fine), however I cannot get into the Bios to adjust settings. Additionally before it goes to Windows, it is just a Black screen. There is...
  2. Andrello

    Question I5 2500k upgrade.

    Hi, i have an amd a10 7850k system with 8gb of ram and an rx570 4gb. I have another system with an I3 2120 and an asus motherboard p8h61-m. I wanted to upgrade that system to an I5 2500k (that i can get for 30 euro) and i am gonna pair it with the rx570 4gb and with 8GB of ram. I am gonna play...
  3. R

    Question My RX 570 show as microsoft basic display driver

    I recently bought my rx570 msi gaming x on ebay. install the drivers several times and windows is up to date but the graphics card comes show as Microsoft Basic Display Driver. I need help please
  4. cientista

    Question Asus Strix RX570 OC 4GB checkerboard pattern and crash

    Hi! Some time ago I got this used GPU, the guy I bought said it was from a office but almost sure it was from a mining rig. After some time using it I got the pattern like that in the image down (it's not a screenshot from my pc, is from a post on this forum but it is exactly the same pattern)...
  5. A

    Question New cpu and components help

    Hello, this is my setup I need help with choosing a new PSU and CPU, eventually MBO and SSD. I had gtx 750ti. And i recently bought RX 570 4G. So now i need other parts. https://prnt.sc/v9ifud
  6. C

    Question Why are my AMD drivers not working?

    Hi guys! I recently bought a secondhand Asus rx570 4gb strix. The card was used for mining. When I download the drivers for it everything installs as it should. But when I eventually finish the installation and try to open the adrenalin software I get this message: "No AMD graphics driver is...
  7. R

    Question Rx 570 fans full blast when turning off computer

    My Rx 570 fans go crazy loud for like a minute or 2 while my computer turns off. It has been happening for a while now probably a year and I could never find out why. Every time I check temps right before turning off the computer the temps are fine (around 50c-55c) but for some reason, the fans...
  8. J

    Question RX 570 Crashes PC- PC needs to be hard reseted

    Hello, back in the days i had this problem.. When i was gaming (mostly dota2,csgo.overwatch) my pc get black screen and said no signal so i had to shut down pc holding button, then i solved it with change settings in WATTMAN. Something with more power.. It works fine but now i reinstal win and...
  9. W

    Question Which one should I buy Radeon rx570 4gb or gtx1060 6gb or gtx1650 super 4gb gddr6

    Hey I want to know which would be best buy Radeon rx570 4gb or gtx1060 6gb or gtx1650 super gddr6. I am getting rx570 4gb for 11000rs. And gtx1060 for 12500rs. And gtx1650 super gddr6 I tried to find used ones but not found . I have a budget around 12500rs. I do gaming on a 1366x768 monitor. I...
  10. M

    Question My RX 570 is underperforming really badly, what should I do?

    I just recieved a MSI RX 570 ARMOR 4GB OC but as soon as I installed it, downloaded the latest amd drivers and tested it in some games I saw that I was not achieving theresults I was expecting. In fact, this card performs only slightly better than my previous GT 1030. An example of this is when...
  11. I

    Question RX 570 no display at all, fan spin though

    Hi So I just bought a RX 570 Power Color 4 GB from local marketplace I hooked it up to my system, with spec i3 3220 Foxconn H61MX 2x8 GB RAM Corsair VS450 (brand new) The RX 570 only have DVI connector, so I use DVI to HDMI cable to my monitor Every time I power up the PC, there is no signal...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Monitor simply displays “no signal”

    Hi, I got my pc 3 days ago and everything was fine until yesterday. When I loaded into a game it would simply crash and restart my whole system. We figured this was probably due to the recent driver update on my amd Radeon rx 570 4gb graphics card (it was a beta, my mistake) so I went back to...
  13. Weabman

    Question GPU won't show display LED lights keeps on blinking

    I have a Gigabyte RX570 (4 gb) i bought it for second hand last year, and now the LED logo of Gigabyte just starts blinking repeatedly without showing a display, i even moved the dvi-d port to the motherboard and now it won't show the display too, any help with this? Here's a look of it (don't...
  14. Fidge376

    [SOLVED] Gpu won't fit properly into MOBO

    Hi, so I have an sapphire nitro rx 570 4gb card and have placed it into my {old I know} Intel dq57tm mobo... Problem is that the card will not fit right in the PCI express slot because of the ram slots seem to be in the way. I checked with pc part picker and the components are compatible...