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  1. Z

    Question FPS Issues with AMD Sapphire RX 580 ?

    Hello, I'm a new member to the forum.I have some issues with my desktop computer's graphics card, and I wanted to share them with you by creating a topic because I don't know how to resolve these problems. The current specifications of my desktop computer are as follows: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600...
  2. ohiu

    Question Need Help Getting RX 580 to Work on My System

    Hey, I'm in a bit of a jam and would really appreciate your guy's help troubleshooting a problem on my system. Here are my system specs for reference: CPU: Intel i5-13600K Motherboard: ASRock Z690 Extreme RAM: Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3600MHz 32GB GPU: AMD RX 580 PSU: 600W So here's the...
  3. K

    Question Re-installed fresh Windows. But now even a slight 5mv Undervolting RX580 4GB crashed the system.

    Before the fresh installation of windows i ran the Power Color RX580 4gb on 950mv with no problem. 55-75fps on RDR2, 60-75fps on BF5. Now it just crashed for a slight bit of undervolting without even running anything. Just applied the setting and 30 second later it just blanked. I'm stressed...
  4. R

    Question MSI Armor 580x distortion glitches on output ?

    Hi , i have 2 x MSI Armor 580x GPUs with the same bios version both gpu used for mining , however one of gpu showing distortion glitch lines on monitor output ( not on screenshot or record ). result is same on gpu 5 ports. but resolution is low and i cant get fhd or higher. amd...
  5. Thriliya

    Question No display until force restart AMD RX580

    So the issue basically is, when I press the computer's power button, it generally starts up. However, I notice a quick blink of a white light and the fan spins really fast for a short time on the GPU. Then, I hear the Windows starting sound, but the screen stays black and the monitor doesn't...
  6. Z

    Question The display from my main graphics card works sometimes only after I changed my motherboard

    Hey there, This is my last resort. I've tried asking on reddit, quora, on facebook communities - you name it. I've had absolutely no luck fixing my PC The thing is, I got my graphics card RX 580 back in 2020. I installed it and I bought a HDMI to VGA converter. ( View...
  7. M

    Question GPU 12V PCI-e edge connector pads shorted to ground ?

    Hello everyone! Recently, I attempted to power on my XFX GTS RX 580 graphics card. System did not want to power on with it installed. With further testing turns out that first 3 (12V pads) on PCI-e edge connector are shorted to ground. (I will attach picture for better understanding) Is there...
  8. H

    Question can someone please provide me the right bios for this model of gpu? its a rx 580 xfx 8gb

    ive been installing the wrong bios over and over and im tired of unbricking my gpu every time i try a new bios thanks in advance View: https://imgur.com/a/iIpPq4H
  9. Muravey

    Question Lenovo 300-20ish / RX 580 upgrade possible? (image heavy)

    Hello, good folks of the Tommiverse! I've found many an answer on these forums throughout the ages. It's my time to ramble on about obscure problems with uncanny solutions. I've got a pre-built Lenovo 300-20ish tower. This thing has been with me for almost six years now, and it's asking me for...
  10. V

    Question Rx 580 and PCIe

    hi i just bought a 2nd hand GPU, Rx 580... 8gb. furmark score is 4950 and 5000. two tries ... it seems my motherboard is PCIe gen 2 (asus h81 plus) my problem is the gpu temp is 75°C and GPU usage is 100% but running at 1125 MHZ does that mean if i transfer this gpu to another motherboard...
  11. Leka123

    Question rx 580 when it reaches 70 degrees or in games it shows no signal on my monitor

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my RX 580 nitro video card when I play or when I test it in furmark at 70 degrees it gives me no signal to the monitor but the computer still works. Do you have any idea how I can solve it? CPU: i7 3770 gpu: rx580 4gb nitro psu: AQIRYS Pulsar, 80+ Bronze, 750W
  12. E

    [SOLVED] Changing GPU - no boot

    Hi all, I bought an RTX 3070 to replace my "old" RX 580, which is still working fine by the way. So I decided to give that to my brother with my PSU as well, to replace his RX 550. My build: R5 3600 Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite 16GB DDR4 His build: i5-6500 ASUS PRIME B250M-A 16GB DDR4 The...
  13. znedraw

    Question A Not So Long Story About A Graphics Card and a Black Screen.

    I run a pretty old system, I know. I have an - ARGUS APS-720W PSU ( I know I should have a fire extinguisher nearby if I have this PSU, somebody already told me that, but I didn't install nor I chose the PSU) XFX RX580 8GB GPU MSI B85M-E45 MB Intel I5-4440 And a WD-Blue 1TB HDD and 2 Sticks of...
  14. Eyes_Bloody

    [SOLVED] Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB ex Mining. Bad Flash BIOS for Gaming?

    I got shappire nitro+ rx580 8gb second hand used mining and every time I play games in some of the newest games and in high ultra settings it crashes "no display" but the sound of the pc is still there and the gpu fan is full load. finally I tried to flash the latest bios from techpowerup but it...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] PSU Advice

    Im building my a rig (MoBo: Asus Rog Strix B550-F wifi) (CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x) (GPU: RX 580 8gig) My concerned is a PSU im thinking Corsair but having trouble what wattage should i get. Any advice?
  16. safii1992

    [SOLVED] Rx 580 Keeps Crashing after I start mining or play heavy games

    I bought rx580 3 years back. It was running very well in games and in mining as well. But in March my Graphic Card is keep crashing while heavy gaming and mining Temps are very good at 55C to 60C. But screen goes black and system is still running and mining is also stopped. Note: I have never...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Windows works fine, but BIOS black screens

    I recently updated my chipset driver and GPU driver and now I am unable to launch into my BIOS. I do not know if either of these driver updates had anything to do with this issue but I only noticed it after installing them (I reverted to old versions of both, but this did not fix the issue)...
  18. I

    [SOLVED] XFX RX580 doesn`t work properly after reassembling

    Hi, I disassembled my xfx rx580 from the guard to its fan blades in order to clean them with standard tools. but after reassembling the graphics card and running pes 2021, the metrics overlay shows 500fps and 90deg temperature in the main menu and the pc turns off after 1 minute!!! this thing...
  19. O

    Question Possible driver problem with Sapphire RX 580 ?

    So, it started like, a week ago. didn't do anything that could possibly have changed the status quo, not that I can think of at least. to summarize turn off perfectly fine computer turn it back on MOBO splash screen appears, shortly followed by the little rotating balls monitor goes dark, yet...
  20. D

    Question RX 580 8gb sapphire nitro plus static screen after sleep mode/turning off and on monitor

    Hi! My monitor shows static white noise after waking it up from sleep mode or when turning it off and on. I tried to uninstall drivers using DDU uninstaller and then reinstall the latest drivers (21.10.2) but this did not help unfortunately, any idea what more I could do? Thanks in advance...
  21. R

    Question RX580 8g error during booting of system

    Hi, I bought older GPU - RX 580. I tested this GPU in windows 10. GPU seems fully functional (System booting / performance in games without problems) Anyhow, bought this GPU mainly for mining. I am using HIVE OS. Motherboard: BTC-D37 Intel (4.6.5 05/12/2021) CPU: 2 × Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU...
  22. abbadubast

    Question GPU Problem

    Hey guys, I've asked about this issue in another forum already, but I got split answers, so I'd like to ask here. Relevant hardware: -RX580 Nitro+ -600W PSU Now, here's my issue: My GPU is broken... kind of. Basically, it fails to "boot up" (or about 1 out of 20 times it doesn't boot, it...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrade advise, from Ryzen 1st gen CPU and Motherboard

    Hello, I need some advise, I've been using my PC for almost 4 years since ryzen 1st gen release I have R5 1600 , B350 board and RX580 Now im thinking to upgrade my PC with latest gen CPU, but turn out that my board does not support Ryzen 5000, (5600X) Would you recommend to get new board +...
  24. Z

    Question [solved] GPU fan suddenly went to 100%

    Hello I have a SAPPHIRE Nitro RADEON Rx 580 special edition. https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/nitro-rx-580-8g-g5-se The other parts are: Intel Core i7 6700k Motherboard:Asus VIII hero 16GB HyperX RAM SAMSUNG SATA 128 GB Windows 10 64bit I was working on my browser today and suddenly...
  25. LazyLimbs

    [SOLVED] PC Starts randomly stuttering.

    So, I have tried doing a lot of research into this, and try what fixes other people's stuttering, but it keeps happening with mine, plus it seems like a different case. Problem: Whenever I start my computer, a strong stuttering which makes not only my display but sound stutter occurs. It...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] PC Crashes after reapplying thermal paste to RX580

    Hi there, I just changed my thermal paste on my GPU as I was running into thermal crashing issues. My remedy before changing this was to reduce the GPU power limit and maximum clock offset in Radeon Settings and I avoided playing any games that weren't intensive. My card is an MSI RX580 8GB...
  27. L

    Question GPUs hang, no dag buffer

    Hi. I have been mining for almost 4 years, and recently i got some kind of error i dont understand. I bought some used GPUs,3 of them always hang right before creating dag buffer (which means there is no 'creating dag buffer' words on miner),i dont know whether the bios are still original...
  28. POTTU98

    [SOLVED] RX 580 bottlenecking i5-3570K ?

    I have been playing mostly Wreckfest and War Thunder and noticed that my i5-3570k has been running at 60% at most, while the 580 is pegged at 100%' So RX 580 is loud, uses up an incredible amount of power and now bottlenecks a 4c 4t CPU from 2012? I5 3570K @4,2 ghz 8gb of DDR3 1Tb HDD (quite...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] RX 580 4GB random crashes under load ?

    Long story short... 2 years ago i bought used ASUS RX580 4GB (after mining). From beginning card was randomly crashing under load (when playing games). Crash = screen turns into one random color and audio loops. But there is fix... I had to slightly down-clock from 1360 to 1300 and memory clock...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Difference between 4G and 8G Radeon RX 580 when overclocking VRAM

    Hi. As far as I know the default VRAM clock of RX 580 is 2000 MHz for 8GB cards and 1750 MHz for 4GB cards. How does this difference affect overclocking the VRAM? Is the 8GB type more stable at a clock of, say, 2100 MHz? Can such a high clock be harmful for the 4GB type? Thanks.
  31. Neverwinsae

    Question What's the stock bios for this Sapphire Pulse RX 580?

    Hello, My card is RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 4gb I tried flashing all sapphire pulse bios that is available in the collection. And it all brick my card sadly. I borrowed a cpu with integrated to reflash it back to my old bios. I need help on finding the real bios for my card sadly my hard drive...
  32. W

    [SOLVED] I really can't choose, please help me!!!

    I want to buy new GPU, my main problem is that I can't choose Help me choose better one so it can serve me for 1-2 years Sapphire NITRO+ RX580 4GB or MSI Armor RX570 8GB My current PC specs: Ryzen 3 2200G 8GB DDR4-2400 Asus PRIME A320M-K EVGA B600 - 600W PSU I think ssd and hdd are not...
  33. D

    Question RX580 black screen ?

    Hello, I have been using my gpu for last 3 years and never had problem with it. It isnt even used for gaming or anything, i just have it inside. But, sometimes, random, the gpu shows only black screen. Everything is working like sound, game if im in one but the screen is black. Even restarting...
  34. A

    Question ASUS DUAL RX580-O8G gives black screen running games but not when running benchmarking software ?

    Hi everyone, I've benefitted so much over the years using the site and scrolling through different threads but unfortunately it hasn't helped this problem. Late last year I bought an ASUS Dual RX580-O8G (while the name is dual it is just 1 gpu, I've seen people get confused over it) and...
  35. MarcT98

    [SOLVED] No display with GTX 1080ti

    Hi guys! I'm here because I need your help! This week I decided to upgrade my pc with a GTX 1080ti, but when i connected it to my pc i have no signal in display.... This is what I had BEFORE upgrading: Mobo: Asus B350 Prime plus +16gbRAM Cpu: Ryzen 5 1500x GPU: MSI RX580 8gb PSU: Cooler...
  36. natedugan76

    Question RX580 - Poor performance on Windows 10

    Specs: -Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3P -Intel Core i7 6700k 4Ghz -Ballistix Sport 16gb DDR4 2400MHz -EVGA 600 B1 80+ Bronze 600w PSU -MSI Armor RX580 8Gb OC Hello everyone, first time posting here. I recently acquired a new GPU (mentioned in specs) and it is seriously underperforming. It's doing much...
  37. Sammac101


    Hi everyone. This is my first post in this forum. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600xt GPU: sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8gb MOBO: ASUS prime B450 A Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb x 2 PSU: Corsair cx 450 Was having issues with my GPU. The fan readings were back to front. At 0% they would run at 3000rpm and at...
  38. E

    [SOLVED] GPU Using Little Amount of Watts

    Hi, so I have an RX580 4gb and I think it might be using to little watts. I've seen videos online of other Rx580s using around 150W while mine only goes to as far as like 90W sometimes. In MSI Afterburner, it only lets me go up 50% power usage while people can go up to 125% which is what the...
  39. JessKa

    [SOLVED] PC boots, but no signal from GPU even though it worked on old system ?

    Hi, pulling my hair out here. Rebuilt my PC with this: Asus ROG Strix b450 F gaming Ryzen 5 3600 Sapphire Pulse Nitro RX580 8gb Corsair 16gb 3000mhz RAM Corsair VS550 PSU 240gb SSD boot drive 1tb NVME 1tb HDD The PC boots into Windows, because I can hear the start up sound, and I...
  40. B

    Question RX580 No Display Flashed as RX590 Restore BIOS help

    Hi! All, I got a Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB Graphics card from Ebay. It works as system boots fine caps lock works fine but I get no display output from Display port, HDMI or DVI on both BIOS switches. Putting an old spare HD7750 into the primary PCI-E and the RX580 in the 2nd PCI-E I can see...