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  1. N

    Question ASUS Prime X299-A PCI and GPU Issue

    MOBO: Asus Prime X299-A GPU: Asus ROG-STRIX-RX580 (also NVIDIA Quadro K1200) MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB DDR4/1/35V PROCESSOR: Intel, Core i9-9820X 4.1GHz Hello, I'm building a new system and I've run into an issue with PCI Slot 1 on an ASUS PRIME X299-A. Video cards are non-functional...
  2. Drandergaming

    Question GPU Crashing

    GPU constantly crashing accept this last time this happened. I also checked drivers View: https://imgur.com/blrN7zL Specs CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G GPU: RX580 Ram: 16gb 2666mhz SSD: 240gb HD: 1tb
  3. N

    Question How do i connec my third display to my pc

    Hi, I have a desktop pc with a GPU that outputs two DVI ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. I currently have two displays connected, one using an HDMI to DisplayPort cable going into an HDMI hub which also has an input connection from my laptop, the hub then outputs a signal via an HDMI to DVI...
  4. M

    Question RX580 weird noises

    Hello I have RX580 xt 8GB XFX GPU. It came with mining BIOS as default. I noticed after 2 days and switched to normal BIOS, which rises the GPU clock from 1130MHz to 1366MHz. And here's the problem. With higher clocks, I start to see higher temperatures, but that's fine. But the GPU started to...
  5. M

    Question Recently built pc, does this look normal?

    Hello, i've recently built a new pc, and i wonder if this looks normal. My fps drops down to ~65 fps on different positions on the map in Rust, but i'm mainly wondering if there's any way to get my CPU (and RAM) to do more since there's so little used. vid1: https://streamable.com/mitga7 ss1...
  6. C

    Question RX 580 Crashes PC /Loses HDMI signal when Idle - need a way to block the core clock

    Hi guys! First and foremost, my pc specs : CPU : Ryzen 5 1600x Motherboard : Gigabyte B450m DS3H (latest bios installed- F50 GPU : Gigabyte RX 580 8Gb RAM : 4X4 GB Patriot DDR4 2400mhz PSU : Thermaltake Litepower 550w Storage : HP 500gb M2 NVMe SSD / 500gb WD HDD / 120gb Kingston Sata SSD My...
  7. Z

    Question RX 580 weird stuffs happening

    Hello everyone! So my problem is the next: I have a problem where in League of Legends the screen will flash for an eye blink, at different places on the screen, sometimes the whole screen, and that flash sometimes black, sometimes green, sometimes yellow, sometimes red etc. I have no clue what...
  8. noobaf

    Question Sapphire RX580 8gb not detected

    So this morning, after I restart my pc the vga debug lights up and followed by gpu led (gpu indicator), gpu fans in high speed, producing high pitch sound, no output in monitor. I tried resseting cmos, use one stick ram, switch pci slot, not solving problem. Never had any problem before. But...
  9. H

    Question Can I use 6 pin on an 8 pin Graphics Card and not ruin anything?

    I just got a used RX 580 from my dad and when I went to install it I saw it uses 8 pin and my PSU only has 2x6 pin. I ordered an adapter to change 6 pin to 8 pin and it will be here in a few days. In the meantime is it safe to just plug one of the 6 pin? I don't want to wreck anything by being...
  10. miskoprotis

    [SOLVED] RX580 on 2200G

    Hello, Recently installed RX580 to my 2200G system. Monitor connected via HDMI on RX580. Everything is ok (i can boot and see screen). Device manager shows 2 Displays adapters with no errors. Radeon settings shows 2 GPU on system also. Vega (integrated) + RX580 (primary/discrete). I have not...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] My CPU is underperforming and idk what to do...

    So yesterday I was playing CoD Warzone with some friends, and right as we get our first win, my monitor goes dark. My PC is working, sound is there, just the monitor goes dark and my friends can't hear me for some reason. So I check the HDMI cable, restart the PC etc. But nothing works. I just...
  12. miguelsd19

    Question my gpu is not working, the fans are their maximum capasity and sending no signal

    I have an aorus rx580 8gb, i have it for like a year and a half, then i was working on it (i wasnt playing) and suddlently it stopped sending video and the fans of the gpu stared to run really fast, the gpu has a light that turns on when the fans are not moving and that light is on. So i have...
  13. B

    Question My Asus B350M-A has a blinking amber LED under the GPU and I'm not sure what that means

    My motherboard (Asus B350M-A) has an amber slow flashing light located here (Can't pinpoint exactly the place without opening the whole thing). I believe it's a light indicating something related to the GPU (RX580) but I'm not sure what exactly is the LED indicating. I've tried to look it on...
  14. JGabTolentino

    Question how can i stop my fans spinning AMD RX 580 like those in Gigabyte RX580 that has fan stop.

    I am running Radeon RX580 from AMD. i just want the fan stop feature but i am running the radeon version of rx 580 Specs: Asrock H61M-VG4 I5-3550 HYPERX FURY 2x8gb
  15. GoodBoy5110

    Question Should I buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb

    I found two really cheap graphics Cards at a really legit computer store sale and wondering to buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb Gaming OC or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb Gaming at the same price. Their price are at 100$
  16. R

    Question Is my Corsair VS450w PSU enough for my RX 580 8gb?

    Hi, almost a month ago i bought vs450w psu, and currently im using gt 1030 gonna upgrade to sapphire pulse rx580 8gb. Pc specs Cpu: R5 1600 2x4 = 8gb ddr4 2400mhz gigabyte ds3h b450 gt1030 (gonna upgrade to rx580) 2 hhd 1ssd 1 rear fan Is vs450 enough for rx580?
  17. Z

    Question New gpu, green screen, flickering? (Rx 580)

    I recently bought an RX 580 as well as a new power supply, and upon my first test of them both in the computer, I noticed the screen is at a different resolution. I’m assuming that’s nothing new for every new graphics card and is fixable with a few clicks once everything’s situated, but...
  18. Zerdiy

    Question Need serious help with Windows and my GPU!

    This is my first ever post but I need some help, pretty much I can’t reset my pc and every time I try it says failed to reset no changes where made. Also I can’t update my windows says update failed. Then when I play games my frames are terrible for my GPU(RX580) with like 200tops on csgo low...
  19. Vecto

    Question RX 580 problems after installing drivers

    Hello. I have problems with RX 580 after I install drivers. Without drivers it works fine but it can't run any game at more than few fps. The problems are: -Small light blue squares appear on the screwn, mostly on white backgrounds -Sometimes screen goes off than back on, same way it happans...
  20. dihleez.m.a

    [SOLVED] $850 budget with RX580?

    Hi, I'm actually writing this for a friend. He's on tight budget but wish to get a good build. The only 2 parts that I chose till now are: CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.3 GHz unlocked LGA 1151 300 Series 95W Graphic card: MSI Gaming Radeon Rx 580 256-bit 8GB...