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  1. I

    Question My gpu isnt putting out the fps that is should

    Okay so I recently started getting into pc gaming and built my first gaming pc. And I've noticed that when I play fortnite I get about 150 fps in game but it drops down to the 100-120s alot. I have all settings on low. I use an Rx590 with a ryzen 7 2700x and 16gb of ddr4 so with all settings on...
  2. chrisfaux

    Question Is the sapphire rx 590 too weak for my i9 9900k?

    Hi I'm building my first pc for video editing / photoshop. Is the sapphire rx 590 nitro+ too weak for the i9 9900k? I will not use this build for gaming except for maybe light 1080p gaming at max 60 fps. Is the rtx 2070 worth it at 300 euros more? Thanks.
  3. W

    Question RX 590 / 3600 / B450 compatibility?

    Hi All, I have a recent build running a new Ryzen 5 3600 on an MSI B450 carbon mobo, 16GB Ram. I was using an old GPU (ancient GT 710), it was running fine. I got a new MSI RX 590 Armor OC recently and the system won't post. No HDMI output, black screen. The VGA error led on the mobo is on. This...
  4. G

    Question Should I buy a RX 590(cheaper) or 1660ti

    Hi, Rx 590 is available for 200 euro while GTX 1660ti is available for 270 euro. Considering the price to performance today as per my analysis, I am getting a better deal. I watched many videos on youtube and also read articles published in Jan or Feb this year and all of them favored the...
  5. J

    Question Is a Visiontek GPU any good?

    https://www.newegg.ca/visiontek-radeon-rx-590-901251/p/N82E16814129426?Description=rx%20590&cm_re=rx_590-_-14-129-426-_-Product It is cheaper than an on sale RX 580. I have looked up the speeds and it is faster than a PowerColor 8GB 590 (not enough to make a substantial difference, but...
  6. P

    Question Problem with 2x RX590 GAMING cards (No display on 1 card)

    I couldn't seem to get 1x RX590 GAMING 8GB to run 2x 4K displays. So I bought a 2nd RX590 and I now am trying to run 2x separate cards connected to separate 4K displays. I'm not doing this for gaming - it's just for desktop use. The problem is that there is no output to the monitor from the...
  7. Saint141

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX580/590 vs Inno3d GTX1070ti vs Zotac GTX1080 mini for long-term 1080p gaming?

    Hello guys! Hope this kind of questions are welcome here, because I really need a bit of advice on this. And it's a bit specific, due to limited amount of choices I have at the moment. So I came to this point in my life when my almost 10 years old radeon hd5770 doesn't run most of the new...