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  1. G

    Question Is My graphics Card artifacting or defective ?

    Hello Dear Pc Master Race , Here is the problem , I have Gygabite Rx 6600 Eagle , Paired with r5 5600x , 16 ram , Gta 5 was freezing when loading city or something , 0.1% fps dropped to 0 , And Then I played fortnite was freezing in lobby , spawn map , landing and after that It was having good...
  2. Mistaspiffy

    [SOLVED] New GPU, Black screen on power up

    Please help! After installing my new GPU (RX 6600), I am getting a black screen on power up. Fans and lights power on but I see no boot menu or bios I have tried the following and none worked. removing old drivers using amd driver removal tool in normal mode and uninstalling amd display driver...
  3. NoobTechs69

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 versus RX 6600 ?

    what should I pick? bcs in my country RX6600 slightly cheaper but i havent seen many reviews of RX 6600 , mostly they only reviewed the RX 6600 XT one. Perosnally I just use it for a lil competitive gaming and do some college works ( Rendering 3Ds and Video editing ) Which one I should pick...