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  1. shanethesport

    Question PC freezing and becoming slow and unresponsive in and out of game(game doest't crash) SCEP Error?

    I am at my wits end, I have tried everything and I just don't know what to do so here's hoping someone here does! My pc specs: Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570 mobo Ryzen 7 3800X new RX 7900 XT 32GB Corsair Vengeance 3600hhz RAM Corsair RM 750W PSU I am on latest windows 11 update and new bios 38a...
  2. S

    Question NO SOUND! AMD Tried every fix on YouTube still NO SOUND!

    Ive tried every fix I found on YouTube none of them worked. I still have no sound coming through the HDMI, Video is coming through fine but for sound PC says no device connected. but obviously HDMI is connected or I wouldn't see anything on screen. any ideas? I think its something to to with AMD...
  3. Edizzler

    Question New RX 7900 XT not performing close to online benchmarks

    I recently upgraded a bunch of parts for my PC due to hardware issues and I'm having some trouble with my graphics card performance. I've done a fresh install of windows and graphics drivers, updated BIOS. Only things in my computer which aren't new are motherboard and memory. One of my RAM...
  4. K

    Question Apparent driver issues with RX 7900 XT ?

    Given the complete lack of support available from AMD for at least another week (see here - https://www.amd.com/en/maintenance/customer-care.html), I am reproducing my post from their forums in a bid to resolve 2 issues that arose immediately after upgrading to an RX 7900 XT, both of which seem...