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    Question Can I theoretically run my 3950x at 1.3-1.35v Vcore?

    Got a new PC updated the bios because I thought the extremely high voltage was a bug, haven't changed a single setting in the BIOS other than DOCP and FCLK. Or is it perfectly safe to run 1.45v Vcore? Will I lose performance leaving it stock? Getting mixed suggestions online, so thought I'd ask...
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    Question 970 Evo Plus Running Slow on X570 (2600X)

    So I recently bought a Samsung 970 Evo plus 1Tb and installed it into my setup (B450 with 2600X) and it ran pretty bad (1300Mb/s read, 1150 write) I then decided to make the leap to X570 considering I was already a bit behind. The drive now runs at 1800Mb/s read and 1770 write although this is...
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    Question 3800x Upgrade/Questions

    Hi guys, currently running a i5 4690k (Oc to 4.6Ghz) and a GTX 1080 Ti. I currently game on 1440P 144hz and my CPU has been limiting my gpu in a lot of my games now. I play a lot of Battlefield, Rainbow 6, Far cry, The Witcher, do you think a 3800x is a good enough upgrade? I am wondering what...