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  1. Question The first build, the first problem.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! After many tutorials watched and reasearches I took my heart in my teeth and I bought the components needed to build my first gaming pc. These are the specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 GPU: PowerColor Red Devil RX570 4GB OC RAM: Team Group T-Force Delta RGB 8GB (2x4)...
  2. Question What would be my next upgrade?

    Sorry about the long post... Hello, i currently have a pc with these specs: Ryzen 3 1200 @3.7ghz OC MSI B350 Gaming Plus 2x4gb 3200mhz GTX 1050 2gb Corsair CX550M 120gb ssd w/ Windows 10 pro X64 240gb SSD with games 500gb 5400rpm HDD with games 1080p 60hz monitor I mainly play games and use...
  3. A

    Question Why does updating my BIOS cause a slow/laggy boot-up time?

    ASROCK AB350 PRO4 BIOS vers. 5.60. I updated the BIOS through a flashdrive that was formatted to FAT32, when I clicked install the screen just froze so I rebooted the PC. Now the PC takes a minute to get to my desktop. Windows is functioning properly so far, it's just the boot up time the problem.
  4. W

    Question Do I need a graphics card with this build?

    Hi guys, I think iv'e done something stupid.. I'm building a simple computer for a family member.. using an MSI B450 pro VDH mobo and a AMD Ryzen 3 1200. Just finished the build and couldnt get it to post.. much to my confusion, I've been over the build and EZ debug LED for VGA is...
  5. D

    Question SMT For Ryzen 3 1200

    Hi All, Just a quick questions, I have Ryzen 3 1200 + Asrock AB350m HDV from what i understand Ryzen 3 1200 doesn't support Simultaneous Multi Threading (SMT), however the SMT is enabled in my BIOS by default, should i disabled it? I've been experiencing above-average idle temp (above 40 C...
  6. Darkisback

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 1700 for 2666 MHz RAM

    Hello, I want to buy new CPU for gaming. My system is : Ryzen 3 1200 RX 580 Gigabye A320M-DS2 Crucial Ballistix 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM ( I will update 16 GB ) Should I buy Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 1700? Ryzen 7 1700 RAM speed is 2666 MHz Ryzen 5 2600 RAM speed is 2933 MHz I will not change my...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Dell 5675 Cpu Upgrade

    i have a dell 5675 pre built system with an amd 10 9700 and the board it comes with is an x370 would i be able to upgrade it to a ryzen 3 1200 or ryzen 3 2200g? The Mother Board is the Dell 0XFRWW
  8. D

    [SOLVED] New Ryzen Build Showing No Signal

    So, I have just built a new Ryzen System here's a part list. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/QGhwvn Few thing's I have tried with no success Grabbed my buddies older AMD to see if the BIOS needed and update but still no signal when installed Tried with two sticks of RAM from my rig instead of...
  9. S

    Question Ryzen 3 1200 4GHz Voltage?

    I'm wondering what voltage I should use when setting my Ryzen 3 1200 to 4GHz. Is 1.35v enough? I currently have the CPU running on 1.19v at 3.8GHz.
  10. Question Normal Idle Temp for Ryzen 3 1200?

    Hi All, Just curious on my idle temp, my cpu is R3 1200 running at stock speed and cooler, an Asrock B350m mobo, RX 580 Nitro+, and 6 Case Fans. I wonder if my idle temp is quite high as shown above? understand the general idle temps for R3 1200 at stock is around 35-38 C and given my...
  11. R

    Question Ryzen 3 1200 No Audio

    Hi, I've Ryzen 3 1200 in prime A320M-k but onboard audio is not working, please provide any solution, do I need to make any changes in BIOS?