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  1. Sammm_5405

    [SOLVED] iGPU is better than dGPU, but dont know what to do

    So I have a Ryzen 3 3200g, and a GT 710. The iGPU on the Ryzen 3 is almost 200% better than the GT 710. My problem is, i want to run on the iGPU of my 3200g but my system only has 8gb of ram. So the iGPU dedicates 2gb of the 8gb and I am left with only 6gb of ram. And I need the 8gb ram. I...
  2. Sammm_5405

    [SOLVED] 2 monitors connected to GPU but want to run on iGPU

    I have a Ryzen 3200G with a MSI A320M A-Pro Max Motherboard, andI have only 1 hdmi output and a DVI output on the motherboard. I need to connect 2 VGA monitors, and I already have one HDMI to VGA converter that I was using. So, one of the monitors is set. There is a DVI-D port on my...
  3. Ranajoy

    Question Can't find the option to change the Vram buffer on Galax a320m motherboard for ryzen apu

    Recently buy a Galax a320m motherboard with ryzen 3 3200g but the vega graphics os set to 512 mb default and I have 16 gb on 3200mhz ram but can't find the option the change the Vram buffer or increase the Vram for this apu help me guys