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  1. N

    Question Whole pc lagging after installing new CPU

    I just upgraded my cpu from ryzen 2200g to 3100 i updated bios few days ago and everything was working fine now i install this the new cpu and it boots but it seems sluggish but that goes away i turn on a game (apex legends) audio seems to cut every second or so but when i jumped into a match i...
  2. Aj06

    [SOLVED] i3 10100 Budget gaming - Mother board H410 or Not Need suggestions

    Hi all, I am looking to build a budget gaming pc. Should i go with H410 Mother board (or) Not. I wanted to understand why H410 was not suggested in many forums, I am going to use only one PCIe slot that's for Graphics card so that might not be a deal breaker for me. My requirements - 1080p 60...
  3. barcenal

    [SOLVED] Not able to install 64 bit windows 10 (32 bit installed correctly)

    Hi, I have recently built a computer. My system configuration is CPU - Ryzen 3 3100 Motherboard - Asus A320M-K (I updated it to latest bios version 5603) GPU - Zotac 1660 super AMP RAM - G-Skill Ripjaws 2 * 8 GB 3200MHz HDD - WD 1 TB 7200 rpm PSU - Corsair CV450 In bios, I am able to see all...
  4. xzahn

    [SOLVED] How do I set a fan to turn on and off automatically?

    Hi folks, I just revived my PC that died like 4 years ago. I got a B450 Tomahawk Max and Ryzen 3100. I'm using my old Antec One case. FRONT FANS: 1 X 120 mm (not included) REAR FANS: 1x 120 mm (included) TOP FANS: 1x 120 mm (included) BOTTOM FANS: 1x 120/140 mm (not included) SIDE...
  5. ssbaraskar99

    [SOLVED] Upgrading to Ryzen 3100 compatibility with my existing RAM

    My system: Intel i5 6600K (died recently, didn't even overclocked ) Intel TS15A Cooler Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 3 Zotac GTX 1050ti 4gb OC Corsair 700W PSU Kingston 16gb 2133 Mhz (Non-ECC KVR21N15D8/16) Ram , one stick Recently my 6600K died, I was looking to put in 6-7th gen Intel chip but they...
  6. RajTheGeek

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 cpu temperature fluctuations while gaming

    Hi there, I'm using ryzen 3 3100 cpu on my build and using a stock cooler. my idle temp is around 50C. on BIOS I'm keeping current low idle in power supply idle control and PBO(precision boost overdrive) off to keep the temperature low. Currently I'm playing assassin's creed origins and the...
  7. RajTheGeek

    [SOLVED] Regarding Ryzen 3 3100

    HI folks, I'm building a new system first time. Here's my specs: Ryzen 3 3100 2 8GB Corsair ddr4 3000mhz RAM MSI TOMAHAWK MAX (Its a bit expensive compared to what cpu I'm using but it seems durable and there were no good b450 motherboards in stock in India. Still let me know your thoughts)...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] RYZEN 1600 AF VS RYZEN 3100

    Im building my next pc with a rx 570 seagate 1tb ssd 120gb hyperx 16gb 3200mhz but i dont know if get the r5 1600af (because the 6 core 12 threads) or the r5 3100 because is a newer gen, which one should i buy? for gaming and probably editing soon. Or going for intel i3 9100f.
  9. W

    [SOLVED] Hi, Just want to ask if should I wait for the ryzen 3 3100 or go buy the ryzen 5 2600 or wait for the ryzen 4000 series?

    I'm planning to build a affordable gaming/(part time)work pc, I don't know what processor should I pick. If I should wait for the ryzen 3 3100 or go buy the ryzen 5 2600 or wait for the ryzen 4000 series? Thank you!