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    Question Odd FPS Issues With Great Hardware?

    So, I just built my new rig with a EVGA hybrid cooled 2080 Super and an AMD R7 3800x. I also have the CPU Liquid Cooled by the Corsair H100i Platinum Liquid Cooler. I will post the remainder of my system specs now: Computer Information: Manufacturer: System manufacturer Model: System...
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    Question 3rd gen ryzen, poor performance? Am I just bad, or should I just switch to intel?

    So after wanting to upgrade for the longest time ever my friends suggested to wait cause AMD has new CPUs that are constantly out of stock, I finally manage to snag a 3800x. and after installing everything, I was very disappointed to notice that alot of my games run worse than my previous...
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    Question Noob PC builder, Troubleshooting MSI MPG X570 Mobo. PC wont power on. Need Help.

    Did some shopping, been wanting to upgrade for a while. So my old build consisted of a intel i7 4970k, msi Z97 pc mate mobo, with gtx 1070 gpu. My case is a Nzxt H510 mid tower with a EVGA superNOVA gold 850 watt PSU. A h80i v2 water cooler by corsair My friends suggested I wait for the new...
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    [SOLVED] B450 boards for ryzen 3800x overclocking?

    I have recently picked up an MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC B450 board to prepare for the zen2 launch, Im going to be getting either a 3700x or a 3800x. I know a 3700x will be perfectly fine on this board but am wondering will a 3800x with a 105w TDP be a bit much for this board? I plan on doing...
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    [SOLVED] If the 3950x supports PCIE 4.0, would it work with pcie 3.0 parts?

    I know the 3950x will most likely come out in September But if a processor supports a pcie that's above the GPU or m.2 would they work? The 3950x will be am4 socketed so I dont have to change motherboards But the CPU supports pcie 4.0 Would it even work? Is it backward compatible? Help me plz...
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    Question Which CPU - 3800x or 3900x (Noob)

    I wan't to buy a new PC in the next couple of months, together with the upcoming new Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but I don't know if I should pick the 3800x or the 3900x. My main purpose for this PC should be gaming, but I also do Photoshop or video vuts from time to time, but that isn't tat much important...