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  1. N

    [SOLVED] My CPU gets very hot when starting up (AIO problem ?)

    Hello, I have a problem that has been going on for several weeks now. At startup, my CPU rises in temperature from the first second, once on Windows, I see on HWMonitor that it's at 90, 92, 95°C degrees! If I do nothing, it can go up to 115 and my PC turns off by itself (a security I think?)...
  2. 9

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3900xt and Viper 4400mhz (need help)

    Hello! Until recently I was able to run my memory on 4200mhz with the XMP profile. After updating bios and drives I am no longer able to. My memory is running at 2300mhz which is pretty low. I got informed that 4200mhz is overkill and that the optimal RAM frequency for Ryzen 3900XT should be...
  3. RagedAPE

    Question CPU help please.

    Is it a safe bet to buy the 3900XT tomorrow and will it fine for 5 years gaming with a 3080. Kind regards, Ape.
  4. Redrum38

    [SOLVED] 2080 ti w/ 10700k or 3080 w/ 3900xt for 1080p 240+ fps gaming

    The main use for the build is competitive/ stacked endgame fortnite, which happens to be an fps nightmare. I want to have as close to 240 fps at all time as possible. I was waiting for the release of the 3080, but with the current used prices of the 2080 ti... i am second guessing myself. Would...