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  1. aaadriann3

    Question The motherboard only boots without a processor. Dead CPU or MOBO?

    The motherboard only boots without a processor. When I connect the processor, the board is completely unresponsive, the fans are not spinning, the diodes are off, and the fan is not spinning even on the power supply. The computer was working until I connected the MOLEX fan directly to the Power...
  2. D

    Question 1st Gen Ryzen5 1600x support StoreMI?

    In AMD website StoreMI release note for the B450 says it supports only 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzens! Does the Ryzen 5 1600x support StoreMI? (My motherboard with B450m chipset).
  3. M

    Question Monitor goes black at overcloaking

    My monitor turns off if i overclock my r5 1600x to 4,2 Ghz at 1,378v. Any idea what is causing it?
  4. V

    Question Need help picking up a cooler

    So i need a new cooler cuz my last one got fried and i don t know what to choose.I have as a cpu : ryzen 5 1600x and i have a buget of 70 $ . I wanted to buy from Cooler Master LiquidLite 120 (wanted 240 but my case isn't that big i have a Raijintek Nestor White) so what you guys recommend me?
  5. J

    Question PC is crashing and restarting

    Hello, for the last couple of weeks my pc has been restarting without a blue screen. It happens seemingly randomly at various times, however I have noticed it happens more when playing a Total War game? I've ran a bunch of stress tests with no errors or crashes. The CPU is overclocked to a...
  6. Pycass

    Question Ryzen 5 1600x high temperature. Any advice?

    So I have a ryzen 5 1600x since October 2018. Cooler Wraith Max, motherboard b350 pc mate MSI and Arctic Silver 5 paste. Oh and OC at 4.0 ghz. I was playing Witcher 3. When I was done I cecked the temperatures in MSI afterburner I noticed my CPU idle was 60 degrees CELSIUS and even hit 87...
  7. nickgnick

    Question Help! Cant reset bios tried Clr_cmos and Removing cmos battery.

    I have literally tried everything I have found online I have even taken everything apart and taken out battery and used paperclip to jump clr cmos. When I plug on computer the ram lights up automatically I dont even hit the power button. This occurred after overclocking and I dont know how to...
  8. Techhhhy

    [SOLVED] Are all these parts compatible?

    Hi I’m just wondering if all of these parts are compatible and if it’s a good build and any suggestions Motherboard: https://www.ebuyer.com/854871-msi-b450-gaming-plus-am4-ddr4-atx-motherboard-b450-gaming-plus Case: https://www.ebuyer.com/840663-eg-diamond-atx-tower-case-lpdi001 CPU: Ryzen 5...
  9. NastyMonk

    Question Dropping Ram

    Hello guys. I have an AMD config, Ryzen 5 1600x AB-x370 Gaming 3 mobo Patriot Signature 2x4GB 2133Mhz CL15 I'm getting a problem nowadays,if i open task manager, at Memory tab, Windows see 8GB RAM but I can use only 4GB. After I restart the PC I can use all of 8GB. I don't know why. RAM is in...
  10. T

    Need Help - No USB Devices Are Recognized on Boot

    Hello, I am in desperate need of some help. My PC has been running flawlessly for over a year, but three days ago all USB devices suddenly stopped being recognized. I am constantly stuck at the Windows start up screen and unable to login. Initially I thought it was due to a Windows...