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  1. Netherzapdos12

    Question Would this processor bottleneck the GPU?

    With the new Asus TUF Models, i was convinced to buy the FX505DU model, which contained an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H and a GTX 1660ti 6GB DDR5 vRam. The AMD processor is comparable to the i5-8300H, so wouldn't that bottleneck the GPU a little? (Buying a gaming laptop for the first time so yeah :d...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Will CPU bottleneck GPU

    Hi..... I am looking at buying the Asus FX705DT, but it comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU and a GTX 1650 GPU. I am worried that the AMD will bottleneck the GTX and my gaming experience wont be at its full potential. Would getting an i7 and a GTX 1050ti be better for a gaming package...