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    Build Advice Bad motherboard or power supply

    So today i bought a ryzen 2600 and tried to pair it with a B350 Plus motherboard, but to my surprise when i hooked up everything the only thing that worked were the red LEDs on the motherboard (no fans and the computer wouldnt start) Im just wondering if this board is defective or is my power...
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    Question ryzen5 2600x or i5 9400f (100$ difference)

    Hi there, I am building a pc. since my parents are paying for this pc I wanna get most out of it. where I live pc parts are bit expensive than the USA. so I'm right now confused between Rzen 5 or Intel i5 9400f. I need the pc to do a lot of multitasking and also 144hz gaming(80+ fps) in 1080p...