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  1. astromech76

    Question smart bad error reallocated sectors

    so 2 days ago i was converting some vidoe files to other formats to save space and after a bit i started getting smart bad error. every time i try to start the computer and every hour or so during the time i use the pc, so i did some testing with hd tune software and it appears i have 138...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] HDD performance s.m.a.r.t attributes value increase

    I bought new hdd, and i did extended s.m.a.r.t. scan (no problems detected) but i noticed after that test 2 performance parameters have increased value and some error code (throughtput performance and seek time performance), should i be worried? before: https://postimg.cc/JDsvX6yF after...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] ssd power on count goes up by 2

    My ssd's power on count goes up by 2 every time i turn on the computer while the hdd goes up by 1 as intended. should i be worried?
  4. Question "GMR head amplitude" red on new toshiba HDD

    Yesterday I got new toshiba hdwd130 and its smart is: Should I be worried about this gmr? What I got from googling that its means that its an indicator of drive aging and/or potential electromechanical problems that will lead to bad sectors. The second value (that is 3 on a screenshot)...