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  1. C

    Question Super strange 4g router and s10+ connectivity issue driving me insane

    Hi everyone, Im going crazy over this for the last couple of months. I have tplink tl-mr6400 4g router and all the devices I have from laptops to mobile phones connect over wifi to it and have normal internet access, except my phone - s10+. I am not a network expert but i know my way around...
  2. H

    Question Samsung Galaxy S10+ moisture error

    Hello guys, my phone is Samsung Galaxy S10+ (5 months old) and I have a problem with charging port moisture. I completely dried it out using heated air and so on.. but the error it still there... I tried couple of things to fix it, like clearing the cache on the usb port system app, stoping the...
  3. georgens

    [SOLVED] Samsung s10+ with Snapdragon or Exynos processor?

    Right, so I just bought a Samsung S10+ and it comes with an Exynos CPU, I've just found out that there is the same version but with a Snap Dragon CPU which is supposedly better. Apparently the Exynos CPU is slower and drains the battery faster, is this true and if so will it be noticeable?
  4. Dylan1999

    Galaxy S10 plus vs Oneplus 7 pro

    So Im looking into investing in a new phone and Im really torn between these 2, the s10 plus and 7pro and I thought Id ask here to see if anyone has any of their own opinions or experience that theyd like to offer. Theyre almost the exact same spec wise and the samsung has a bit of a better...
  5. L

    Question Huawei P30 Pro vs The S10+

    Hi there! I am planning to buy a new mobile and the candidates are the p30 Pro and the s10+ I had both on my hands in a store but thats still not enough intel to decide. So I'm asking you consumers. I need the best video recording performance and also daily performance (imo the last aspect will...