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  1. Matt8599

    [SOLVED] Is the Seasonic S12ii-520 used an option?

    Hi, in this days i need to buy a new PSU. I have to decide if buy used (good brand) or new (bad brand). The news PSU that i can afford are: -Gigabyte PB500 500w -Sentey SNP550-HS 550w -Xfx P1-500B-XTFR 500w The used PSU that i am considering is the Seasonic S12ii-520 which has two sellers...
  2. S

    Can I paly gta5 with i3 6th generation 4gb ram ?

    Can I play gta5 with i3 6th generation 4gb ram ?
  3. P

    What is the chipset for an i5-3330? Any cheap compatible motherboards?

    I want to replace my dell's motherboard that has a i5-3330 in it. I also want to change the case and power supply so no worries about that. But I need to know a cheap motherboard that works with it. Any ideas?
  4. Hawkshot

    beat budget build for wow and league

    Hi guys, im planning on putting togeather a small build for my girlfirned as a present so she can play wow and lol as her computer sucks balls no part is worth keeping in my mind. I already have a Samsung evo 850 250gb ssd laying around with an R9 290x and I was thinking going with an I3-6100...