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  1. Justafatman

    Question i9 9900k not fitting z390 mobo

    Finally accomplished a goal that's allowing myself to build my new computer! Much excitement! I order everything that I need from Amazon. All of it except the case, ram, and psu. I wait about a week. Everything's come in it's finally time to build it all. Pull out the mobo and CPU first things...
  2. S

    windows 10 is not booting after converting MBR partition to GPT partition from mbr2gpt.

    after converting mbr partition style to gpt partition style in windows 10 with the help of mbr2gpt command in cmd. my pc does not boot. showing "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". how do i get in UEFI firmware settings to switch from legacy to UEFI mode? thanks in advance!!
  3. N

    No BIOS display???

    Hi Everyone, So I recently purchased a new Samsung 144hz monitor and I'm having trouble getting the BIOS screen to display on it. The monitor only boots up from sleep mode when windows has booted up. I also plug my PC into my TV to see how it boot and everything works correctly on my TV. Any...
  4. Q

    Gigabyte GT 730 2GB DDR5 64Bit

    Hello, Is this GPU is a good upgrade from GT 610? How will it perform in latest games? my screen resolution is 1280*1024
  5. S

    Lookin for an atx mid tower case for hyper 212 evo and gtx 970

    So as the title says I need atx mid tower case,but it has to be max 75€. The gpu is the MSI version and nzxt s340 costs almost 90€ on so I dont want it. Thank you for your answers in advance!
  6. Xexoxix

    Ubuntu 14.10 won't shut down

    My friend's windows got corrupted, and after nothing worked, I installed Ubuntu on his PC. The first time, it didn't boot correctly w/o the USB inside, so I remade the USB with the tool Ubuntu recommended. I installed Ubuntu and everything works fine. He can play steam games, chat on mumble...
  7. Michael Klump

    Best Sound Card for the Money

    My budget is $150 and I was just curious what you guys thought would be a good buy. I was looking at the Creative Sound Blaster Z but just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks.